5/23 Get well, Marlon

Note: I told Marlon that several fans had left get well messages on his blog, and he really appreciated the thoughts and sentiments. If you want to jot down a note, leave it here. We’ll make sure he sees it.

— Carrie Muskat


Come back soon! We miss you! There is an open spot in CF that only you can fill!

Marlon, here’s to a speedy recovery. We already miss you contributions.

Marlon I hope your doing well, and you make a speedy recovery, man! Thank god the injury was nothing more serious!

Good luck to you, and thanks for everything you do as a Cub!

Ray Tannock

Get better Marlon!!!

Do get well, Marlon. I want to see you out there at Wrigley Field once again as soon as possible.

I left one over at Marlon’s blog, but I’ll leave one here too:

That was one scary plunking, but we know you’ve come back from way worse than this. Hang in there, get well soon, and I, for one, can’t wait to see you bowing to the bleacher bums again.

Get better soon Marlon, your one of my favorite players on the Cubs, always got a great attitude. Hope your doing better man.

Wishing you a speedy and full recovery!

Marlon your attitude thru all of this sets an example of eexcellence and class this world could use alot more of that

My brother and I always enjoy your enthusiasm for the game. We drove from Nebraska to sit in the bleachers last year and watch you and the Cubs. You made it a lot of fun. Best wishes on a speedy return.

Get well soon Marlon! The Cubs will miss your bat, but your health and eyesight came first!

Hey Marlon! Get well soon! Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family during your recovery!

Take care of yourself, man, I hate to see that happen to anyone, especially one of my favorite Cubs.

Marlon, please get well soon! I already miss you in center! I’m praying for your speedy recovery. ❤

Get well soon, Marlon. The team needs your leadership and your friends and family your companionship! Praying for a speedy recovery. God bless you!

Good luck, Marlon! We miss you and hope you recover soon.

I wish you a speedy recovery Marlon. I look forward to seeing you play out here in SoCal once everything heals up. Take care!

Marlon, you will be in my families thoughts while you recover. Know that me and my father who are huge cub fans admire the way you play the game at 100% and how you are always having fun. When I have children I will point you out to them and the way you play the game as an example. Get well soon Marlon.

I was in the stands, close enough to hear the hit…i prayed you would get up, you did, you always do. get back soon, you will, im sure.

Best wishes for a speedy and total recovery from Germany.

Get well soon, to the person who own the biggest biceps on the team. seriously you look like a linebacker on the field lol. Here’s to a speedy recovery

Byrds the word marlon!!! we miss you and i cant wait till your back in the lineup!!! im actually wearing your jersey shirt as we speak!

Get well soon! We miss seeing you play!


We’re gonna miss your bat in the lineup and your great defense dude. Get well soon!!

Get well soon, Marlon! Prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

get well soon Marlon!

Byrd, Byrd, Byrd… Byrd is the word!!! Get well soon Marlon!!

Keeping you in our prayers, Marlon. That was a scary hit to the face but glad to read it wasn’t more serious. Can’t wait to see one of the hardest working players in MLB today back in action soon.

Get well soon Marlon! You are the man!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery- you’ve played ALL OUT for the Cubs and we fully appreciate your efforts

Get well soon!! Miss ya bud

Marlon, you’re the perfect example of what a true baseball player should be. You take pride in being here and playing for us Cubs fans. Best wishes on a speedy recovery!!

I second Jim Sheldon’s post. Marlon, get well soon! You make baseball so much fun to watch. It would be unbelievably awesome if you’re still a Cubbie when we finally make it back to the Fall Classic!!

Get well soon Marlon!! You and your hard head will be missed! Best wishes on a speedy recovery and take care of yourself!!!

I hope you make a quick recovery the team needs you, best to you Marlon.

Get well soon, Marlon! The Cubs are truly blessed to have you in Chicago. Your dedication and leadership have proven to be an asset for the team and I look forward to seeing you suiting up for us for many, many more years! Go Cubs!

Get well marlon cf won’t be the same with out you roaming it wed night. I’m glad we were able to shut them bos fans up 1 night. We ran this city this weekend, n they were mad!

Get well soon Marlon! I will sure miss watching you sprint around the bases. Hope you heal quickly.

Marlon you play the right way. Get well soon

Hey Marlon! Get well soon! Cubs fans all here to support you. You’re a great guy! Hope to see you on the field soon!

Marlon, Get well soon, you are the best. CF is your domain. I can still see your 9-6 putout in last year’s All-Star game.

Get well Buddy! A big Cub fan in Texas has you in his thoughts and prayers.

Hope the face heals up nice man. Love watching you play. I model my game off yours.

Games just won’t be the same without you. Get well soon.

Have been a fan since you joined the club and am always glad to see your hustle. Here’s to seeing you back in the basepaths and chasing down flies soon.

We felt so bad for you the other night. My family and I would like to send you get well wishes for a full and speedy recovery! Take care & God Bless!

Hope you get better soon no one can plays center like you.

Get well soon Marlon. Take good care and don’t take any unneccesary chances trying to get back too soon. Your future is more important than getting back on the field right away.

You are truly a class act and a perfect example of how a major league baseball player should play the game. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery, Marlon!

Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery, Marlon! CF in Cubbie Blue won’t be the same until you’re back. Get Well Soon!

Hey Marlon…I wish for a quick recovery for you & hope to see ya back on the field. My prayers are with you. Sincerely, Brian McKown Decatur Illinois CUBBIE FOR LIFE !!!!

That was brutal! But here’s hoping to a speedy recovery! Take care Marlon!

Sending my get well wishes to a class act. Your comments in the paper today about being grateful and feeling fortunate that it wasn’t worse, not complaining at all….it shows the type of person you are. Sending positive thoughts and healing energy your way!!

Hey Marlon, Can’t wait to see you back on the field! My family & I are flying up from Oklahoma in July to see you play!

Marlon.. take your time and get well. Don’t rush it. Campana needs you to show him how to be a major leaguer.

That hit brought tears to my eyes! So thankful you got back up, now I am praying for a speedy recovery. Can’t wait to see you back at it, giving it 110%!!

Marlon- thank god u are ok. Watching that happen still gives me the chills. But your a tough dude and my favorite Cub, so i know you’ll be back in no time. Bryd is the word!

Scary .,,,,hope your doing ok. Take it easy and get better soon..we need you! Although you seem like a pretty tough guy and probably won’t let this hold you down for to long. God bless!

Marlon, please get well soon. That was a horrifying moment to watch, and I’m glad the injury isn’t more serious than it already is. You’re such a joy to watch, and you play the game the right way. You’re in all of our thoughts, and make sure you’re completely healthy before you come back! It’s not worth risking your life (again?) for.


I’m a 13 year old kid living in the Netherlands and I’ve gotta say you’re the coolest baseball player I’ve seen in a while. I learned a lot from watching you play. My hitting got way better when I started trying out your compact swing and I worked all summer with my cousin taking grounders and doing what we call “The flying Byrd”. That’s the awesome catch you do when you’re running in for a fly ball and lay out. Anyway I guess all the practice payed off because now I’m starting on the high school baseball team! It feels so cool to be a 7th grader and be on Varsity so thanks for being a great example and ballplayer! I hope you’re face gets better soon but I’m sure it will cause you’re a stud and you can take it. Can’t wait to see you back at Wrigley!


I’ll have to start rooting for my second favorite Cub while you are on the mend. Get well, big man!
P.S. Second favorite Cub = Darwin Barney


Hope we can see you back in action soon! The team needs you!

Best wishes from a lifelong fan from Mexico!

Get well soon Marlon. I’m praying your recovery is short. Going to miss seeing you on the field.

Get well soon Marlon. You are in my thoughts and prayers fir a speedy recovery. Cubs nation needs you.

Get well soon! Can’t wait to see you back on the field.

Please take as much time as you need to recover completely.

all the best to marlon and his family. i wish him a speedy recovery and thanks for playing the game the way it should be played.

wish there were more players like you. glad to hear you are doing ok. looking forward to seeing you on the field again.

Hey Marlon, here’s to a quick recovery. Hope to see you on the field again this year.

Marlon, I was so angry and sad when I saw you go down. But I was glad to see you were able to get back up from that, I guess I forgot how tough you are. I’ll keep praying for you to get better and for a fast recovery. In the meantime there will be a hole in CF which NOBODY can fill. Get well soon, we miss you!

It’s always enjoyable to watch you play, you play with so much joy and heart. I wish you a full and speedy recovery. I have an awesome picture of you in the on deck circle from last year and I hope to get more someday! 🙂

Every ballplayer could learn something by the example you set everyday you step in between the lines. You are a true joy to watch every day. I was very concerned for you and I hope you get well soon. Thank you for being a Chicago Cub and look forward to your return.

Oh. My.

I just watched video from your at bat and my heart skipped a beat. WOW. You are one of the most talented and classiest guys playing for the Cubs’ ball club.. get well soon. We’re excited to welcome you back to Wrigley!

NOT an ideal way to get a spot on Sportscenter my man!!! Get better Marlon.

You took a hard lick in Boston. Hope you are recovering and having no pain. See you in Chicago in June. Praying for a complete recovery.

Marlon, my family and I are praying for a quick recovery. It’s not the same seeing someone else out in center field! Get well soon and I hope you come back stronger than ever! 🙂

Marlon, you are an inspiration to any fan of the game of baseball. You play the game the right way. I live in Hawaii and even though its almost impossible to catch Cubs games on tv here, I still have a favorite player and its you. Mahalo for your contribution to the Cubs and all of MLB baseball. I look forward to many more Marlon Byrd highlights in the future. Aloha!

Hope to see you playing again soon.

We wish you a speedy recovery. We really miss you and your leadership on the field. Get well soon!

My prayers are with you and I pray for a quick recovery. Our group are Huge Cub fans

May God grant you a speedy recovery

Get well soon Marlon, can’t wait to see you back in the lineup!

Hey Marlon…… My thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery. Take the time you need and come back healthy. GO CUBS!

Get Well Soon Marlon!

MARLON!!!! i hope you get well soon !
in my opinion, you’re the only cub out there that plays center field the best. you are also one of my favorite players.(:
get well soon so you can play with the cubbies soon!!

now that you’ve experienced this, it will hopefully make you fearless. good job out there. & hope you feel better (:

MARLON!!!! i hope you get well soon !
in my opinion, you’re the only cub out there that plays center field the best. you are also one of my favorite players.(:
get well so you can play with the cubbies soon!!
now that you’ve experienced this, it will hopefully make you fearless. good job out there. & hope you feel better (:

P.S. im a really big fan & in you’re one of my fav. cubs player (:

#1 tyler colvin
#2 marlon byrd
#3 darwin barney
#4 starlin castro
#5 alfonso soriano
#6 Carlos Pena
#7 Aramis Ramirez
#8 Fukudome
#9 Geovany Soto
#10 Reed Johnson
#11 Matt Garza
#12 Carlos Zambrano

there’s more but its hard to number them off….i LOVE the cubs!!!!! im about to be 14 & i can say im one of your guys’ biggest fans. i hope to meet you all soon !!!

FEEL BETTER!!!!!!!! ❤

My family’s thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery. Stay strong!

Mr Byrd , I love the way you play …. Get better soon !

Marlon get well soon, wearing my BYRD BYRD BYRD is the werd shirts and wishing you a speedy return!

Marlon… Just spent the last 6 weeks recovering from open heart surgery. All recovery is tough ….. Just keep strong and focus on getting well. Do what the doctors say as they do know what is best, and soon you will be back in the friendly confines. Stay strong…

Our thoughts and prayers or with you. Here’s to a speedy recovery and plenty of those blistering home run trots still this year! Cheers!

Of course we’ll miss your bat and your glove, but most of all we’ll miss your smile, joy for the game and dedication. We wish you a speedy recovery and pray for healing. Be well.

As lifelong Cubs fans for over 50 years we wish you the best and send our prayers for a speedy and complete recovery. Over the last 2 years you have become the heart and soul of our outfield and someone that the Cubs need to build around. Get well and we’ll see you in Wrigley in August.
You are the BEST!!!

Marlon get well soon buddy! Much love from San Diego! I hope to see you against my friars later this season! (Take it easy on us!)

Get well buddy, Go Cubs

Thanks for all you do for the Cubs, Marlon. I hope you are feeling better and have a speedy recovery. We need you out there! I’ll be sure to keep you in my prayers.

With you out of the line up,I know your heart and soul will be with the team , you are a true leader , be it from the field or dugout ,nobody but you pops back up from that , you are a cub ,Ron is proud of you , get back soon and godbless you.

Get better soon, Marlon. We live in Boston and my whole family was so excited to see you and the Cubs here. My two girls love the Cubs and you are one of their favorite players. They were so worried about you when you got hit. We are all glad that you are recovering and we look forward to seeing you play later this summer in Chicago.

Marlon please get well soon! i want to see you play some more!

Head up, Marlon. You have a lot of love coming your way from all over the universe. Get well soon, man. We need your leadership on the field!

You’re in our prayers Marlon! Everyone wants to see you back as soon as possible! The outfield isn’t the same without you. Gonna rock my Byrd shirt at Wrigley this summer! Get well SOON!

Marlon get better. Glad you were not hurt much worse and that you can recover from this. I wish you the best to a speedy recovery.

To my favorite Cub, here’s hoping for a quick recovery. Byrd is the word!!!

You are an amazing guy and I love watching you play for the cubs. I am wishing you well and that you are back out there shortly. We miss you! Get Well!

Get better soon, man! I hope everything turns out ok.

Marlon, I was in Fenway Friday night to watch the Cubs first game there since 1918. Saturday I was at a local Boston bar watching the game. I am a Cubs fan, and I am glad I was not there to see that gruesome injury. Get well soon, Marlon. You play the game the right way, which is all out. Can’t wait to see you patrolling center field again. Vaya Con Dios.

Sorry to see what happened to you…

So many of us like to watch you play the way you play..

Have faith that you’ll come back better than ever..

….try not to worry about anything.

I wish you my best for a full and speedy recovery. I look forward to seeing you back in centerfield once again later this season. I admire your dedication and hustle. You play the game the right way. Get well soon,

Marlon, Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

Best wishes from Warsaw, IN. We are all very proud to have you as a Cubbie and can’t wait to see you back in action.

Marlon, I go to school with a bunch of Red Sox fans, and they were laughing at your injury. Terrible people. Anyhow I hope you recover quickly, not just because of your consistent batting or spectacular fielding, but because you really seem like you love the game. Whenever I see you strike out, you never throw the bat down in disgust, whenever you win you always have a big smile on your face. I just wish that all baseball players were as content as you are wherever you go. Go luck on your road to recovery!


Get well soon!

Get well soon, Marlon! We miss your smile and your style. Can’t wait to see you back and healthy.

Get well soon!!! The team needs your professional play on the field.

Marlon. You took the time to take a picture with my daughter and I at Dodger stadium before the game, and it meant so much to us. You are exactly what a pro player should be… classy, talented and fun to watch. Wishing you a speedy & full recovery.
Take care,
Mel & Bri – Huntington Beach, CA

Best wishes on a complete recovery. Much as we’d like to see you back in CF tomorrow, your long-term health is more important.

Get well Marlon. Take your time and come back when you are ready.

I was so sorry to see you get hurt, but happy to see you are getting better. God bless and a speedy recovery.

Marlon, Your true strength really showed with your reaction to that pitch. I have no idea how you popped up and walked off of the field, but you did. We all all so concerned and are thinking of you, not just because we miss you on the field, but because you are genuinely an amazing person off the field as well. My first graders are so concerned about you and we are sending our well wishes!

I’m praying for your full recovery. I had a similar break to my face 20 years ago. The first 2 weeks of inactivity are frustrating. Then comes the odd jarring sensation when you run later on. Hope you’re able to get back to peak performance soon. Best wishes!

Byrd is he word! Get well Soon!

Marlon you are a great role model to all the young Cubs players and fans. We can always count on you to give it your all every game. Hope your recovery goes well all the way from Minnesota.


I wish you the best with recovery. That was painful to watch.

I have always been thankful to read your blog entries and the morale boost they bring. You take pride in all that you do and you always remain positive. This is immensely encouraging to fans, and it makes you a favorite to watch on and off the field. I’m glad you’re a Cub and your attitude makes me proud. Thanks for making yourself accessible to fans. Get well soon, wish you and your family the best.

And Go Cubs Go!


We’re all hoping for a quick and easy-as-possible recovery for you, Marlon. Best of luck and God bless.

I can’t wait to see you back in the fold and giving all of us fans the hustle and respect for the game you bring to the field. My prayers and thoughts are with you during your recovery. Go Cubs.

I’m praying for your swift and complete recovery. You are THE MAN on this team, and we miss you. Come home to Wrigley soon.

We miss you and hope you’re improving every day!

I really hope to see you again on the field soon we sure do miss you and your spirits!!! we need you back in a bad way but happy to know you are taking your time and doing it smart. Sure isnt the same not singing BRYD BRYD BRYD…BRYDS THE WRYD! everytime you do something grreat but in due time!!!
cant wait for the return- im counting the days!!! 🙂

Yours truly from upwards of Wrigley North!!!
Andrea 🙂

Marlon,I am a big fan of yours,and hope that you are back patrolling center field in 2012.I have a form of cerabal palsy which affects my nerves in my legs& contracts my muscles in my ankles.But hearing about your leg it gives me hope!!! You are my inspiration and would like to meet you someday!!!!!

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