4/2 There’s nothing like being a Cub

I’ve tried to explain to guys like Ian Stewart, David DeJesus, Chris Volstad what it’s like to play at Wrigley and to be a Cub. You come into town and love playing at Wrigley but it’s completely different when you’re an actual Cub and have 39,000 cheering for you. It takes me back to some things that Derrek Lee was telling me when I first came in about the excitement and what Billy Williams has told me — there’s nothing like being a Cub. You don’t know until you actually put the uniform on and get to run out there and hear the fans cheering out there. I was explaining how I sort of salute left center field, center field and right center field, and I told them they need to come up with a salute or something to acknowledge the bleacher bums. It’s one of those things that you can’t explain that feeling until you’re actually out there. These guys get to go through that this year.

This is going to be a hustling team. I’ve been on teams where my hustle stood out and it’s not going to stand out on this team. That’s a good thing. It shouldn’t be that way; it shouldn’t be, “That guy hustles, that guy hustles.” You should say, “Oh, my gosh, that team is always coming. The Tampa Bay Rays, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Texas Rangers, the Philadelphia Phillies are always going hard. We’re going to be that team, too.

I told those guys, being in Chicago, on and off the field, there’s nothing like it.

— Marlon



  1. Keithman

    Hi Marlon!

    Good to hear from you again! I couldn’t agree more. The one time my wife Taela and I went to Wrigley it was electric. Not because there was a thunder and lightning storm, but because the pennant race was in the air and there were a bunch of crazy drunkards out there paying absurd prices to cheer for the Cubs! I was there when the Cubs played the Pirates, but the Braves made a huge comeback against the Brewers that virtually sealed the division for you guys. It was pretty amazing when the entire stadium saw it go up on the scoreboard and started doing the Tomahawk Chop! Can you believe it?

    I’ll tell you what, Marlon, this weekend was tough to watch. I mean, first my son played in an indoor soccer game and there was this really obnoxious coach there. She’s a middle-aged, overweight, long gray haired woman who instructs her kids to cherry pick because there are no off-sides rules. My son’s team played with no substitutes because this woman was unwilling to play with 6 instead of 7 players. Late in the second half my son and another kid came together and both fell down. Then this girl on the other team toe punted my son square in the chest. Just a full on kick to the heart. I ran out there holding my 1 year old son and grabbed him up. You know what happened though, Marlon? That other coach never checked to see if he was ok despite the fact that she was on the field and close to the action. The girl that kicked him never apologized. These kinds of things make me mad, Marlon. Really mad. Then I had to watch the Timbers lose a 2-1 lead in the final minutes of their match or game or whatever it’s called in soccer. They lost 3-2!

    On my way to work a few days ago I followed a guy with a license plate that read “NYY FAN”. What an idiot.

    My wife Taela and our friends Jesse and Ildiko (do I really have a friend named “Ildiko”? Yes) went to a taping of Wheel of Fortune. We saw a lady win a LOT of money. Her son was this guy that looked exactly like Fat Albert…red sweater and everything. She introduced him on TV by the name of either “Goober” or “Gubert” I’m not sure which. Aren’t you glad you’re not a big fat guy named Goober? I know I am.

    Can you believe the girl behind me had her feet on my seat and started wiggling them? Who does that, Marlon?

    Well, my brother-in-law Andy and my sister-in-law Tara and their kids (names intentionally withheld) are probably coming over for Opening Day. We’ll be watching on DVR delay so don’t text me with a spoiler or anything.

    I haven’t written much on my blog lately, maybe because of Chuck Mraz’s harsh rejection of it. Have you ever heard of a school called “Morehead State”? What a joke of name! If I ever had to be affiliated with that school I would look like such a joke! Can you imagine? Morehead State…what do they teach there? Hahahahahahahaha! I can’t handle it, I’m going to laugh all afternoon!



      • Keithman

        Hi Nick!

        I have never taken Ritalin or Adderall, but I really could use a nap. I think it would look bad at the office though. Hey Nick…it’s almost Opening Day! You should come watch the game with us. Remember it’s on DVR delay…sorry!


    • Keithman

      Hi Eric!

      Marlon writes once every three weeks. A lot goes by in that amount of time. He’s counting on me to keep him up to date. If not me, who?


    • Keithman

      Hi Harold!

      In this life we are all woven together in the interconnected web of humanity. It all has everything to do with Marlon and the Cubs! Except the part about the Yankees. They aren’t part of humanity. They are robots and I hate them.


    • Keithman

      Hi Chuck Mraz!

      You will be glad to hear that I have not tendered my two week notice. I determined that making a living at replying to Marlon blog entries would be difficult and I have three kids and a wife at home, as you probably already know. Thank you for visiting my blog as those visits actually do provide some supplemental income. You’re a good person despite the name calling and the overt narcissism. Enjoy Opening Day, but you’re not invited to my house. My brother-in-law Andy has made a special brew just for the occassion! I hope it doesn’t have any of the gasoline in it that spewed all over out of the lawn mower I gave him. Whoops!


  2. everydaykevin

    Marlon, I always enjoy your words. Your playing style embodies what true Cubs fans value most. Hard work and hustle. There’s a reason why Reed Johnson immediately became a fan favorite after almost breaking his neck diving into a wall — Cubs fans want to feel like you have as much invested in the team as we do, which is our collective hearts and souls. Keep it up, man. We’ve been waiting for a long, long time.

  3. blasthoff

    Marlon, I know what your saying and I’m really happy to hear it. My last trip to Wrigley, almost two years ago, the Cubs were not looking that good. I could see a lot more going on at the game as opposed to watching on TV. From the stands it appeared to me that you were the one guy “hustling” from start to finish. It just didn’t seem like most everyone else on the team was “pushing” as hard as they might. I used to play a little ball and I know the difference.

    It appears to me the difference now is you have a lot of “hungry” kids and a group of journeymen players who are happy and thankful to be where they are. I can only imagine that has to “feel” good to you to see the hustle and it has to be encouraging for everyone on the team, not to mention guys like me on the outside.

    Good Luck and Godspeed!

  4. Daniel

    I have been a Cubs fan my whole life. I have seen countless teams that were supposed to be great fizzle as well as teams that just picked up the paycheck. I am the quintessential eternal optimist though and once again this years’ team has my hopes sky high. The difference this year though is I don’t expect the Cubs to win 100+ games this year but I do expect them to bust their asses trying to. It has been refreshing this spring to watch you guys play. GO CUBS!!!

  5. Robert

    I hear you marlon, bob brenly would always talk about “YOUR” hustle and it was easy to see. It’d be nice if we can watch the “WHOLE” team hustle as hard as you do. I didn’t mind watching you ground out as aposed to guys like Aramis or Soriano, groundouts happen, the pitcher did his job, but when I see guys trotting over to first lazzily it rubs me wrong. I also like watching you hit home runs. You actually RUN the bases, no showboating, just acting like you’ve done it before. In the words of Barry Sanders, “act like you’ve been there before”.

  6. Tim

    Good Stuff Marlon. You’re an awesome role model and I couldn’t be happier cheering for you now that you’re in a Cubs uniform. Keep up the good work and I’ll see you at Wrigley this summer! God Bless and Co Cubbies

  7. shaun ashlock

    Thank you Marlon. I am excited about this season, it looks like the team will be living up to it’s surname and going with youth (cubs) instead of high priced individuals. Counting down the hours to opening day! GO CUBS!

  8. Sean

    Always liked this guy! I think he’s the real team leader. He’s a freakin class act and puts 110% in to everything he does. Great role model! Great Cub!

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  10. 312

    I love watching you play and am looking forward to a hustling, fundamentally-sound Cubs team working together toward ONE GOAL, WINNING! Thank you for embracing Chicago, Wrigley, The Cubs & us crazy, hard-core fans!! We love you!

  11. Gibby

    I’m like any other middle aged Cubs fan…passionate, committed and waiting for us to make the playoffs again! Lead them to the promise land! Win or lose, we still booze! Centerfield frenzy! GO CUBS, GO!!!!!

  12. LarryD

    That’s the attitude of a winner!

    MB thanks for setting the tone with DD and the rest of the team.

    See u out in right center on opening day.

    Best of luck on a great season, you have given a great effort as a CUB!

  13. ter

    The Byrdman is one of a kind in another respect: his hustle around the bases when he hits a dinger. So glad you are in a Cubs uni, Marlon. Have a great year and watch out for those high, hard ones. The Cubs can’t afford to lose you and I don’t want to see a game without the Byrdman in it.

  14. ERIC


  15. tony palos

    Marlon, my prayers are with you. I had the honor to be in Mesa for Randy Hundley’s fantasy baseball camp and you could feel the energy in the air now that Theo, Jed, and Dave are running the show. If everyone can stay healthy than we are going to be very, very competitive. I will be out there Saturday cheering you gentleman on. We also had an opportunity at the fantasy camp to meet and talk with all the cubs coming up the farm system and I know that our club is in very good hands in the future. All signs are pointing to the beginning of a World Series Dynasty. God bless… Tony “Mr. Huatulco” .

  16. cub61

    you go Byrd you are the backbone of this team,you don’t need to step-up, you are way pass that. YOU just keep doing what your doing, and THEY will follow. Have a GREAT year…….and have some fun out there !!!!!!!

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