4/19 “You have to keep working”

A veteran who has been in the game for a while, has success, you just assume you’re going to go out every single year and the numbers are going to be there. When you start slow like I have — I think I have three hits in 40 plus at-bats — it’s something you never forecast, you don’t see it coming. You keep working hard. When I was younger, if this would’ve happened, I would’ve been sent down and been in full panic. I keep my routine the same. It’s one of those things where you don’t get confidence until the ball starts falling. You have to keep working, I have to keep doing my thing in the outfield to help my team win when I’m not helping at the plate. I have to wait for that day to come when I find my swing. When guys struggle, they either come out of it or they don’t. Guys who have been around long enough and have had success, they come out of it. You just don’t know when.

— Marlon


  1. eddie

    are you superstitious? have you ever done weird stuff like not shave or don’t eat fish or something crazy? good luck! go cubs go!!!

  2. Jeff Norton

    Marlon will get it! Just needs to catch a break and then it will flow! Be patient, aggressive, and most of all confident! You have nothing to lose!

  3. Keithman

    Hi Marlon!

    I haven’t seen many games, but the box scores have been speaking pretty loudly to me. Not as loudly as my alarm clock in the morning. Don’t you hate those? I mean right at the crack of 6:30 on comes Taylor Swift piping in with “Hey Stephen, I know looks can be deceiving but I know I saw a light in you…” And then “click” when I hit the snooze button. 9 minutes later, like clockwork, there’s Taylor again “I can’t help it if you look like an angel. Can’t help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain so…” And I start thinking about the past and how I don’t know why she’s calling me “Stephen” even though it sounds a bit like “Keithman” and I wonder why my wife Taela will think about Taylor Swift wanting to kiss me in the rain (and it rains here a LOT) and then I hit snooze again. All of a sudden Taylor is chiming in with “mmm mmmm mmm mm mmmm mmm mmmm mmm…” and I’m wondering if she just had something deliscious to eat because I usually only say “mmm” when I’ve had something tasty. Do you see what I’m saying? I’m saying have a tasty nutritious snack because you’re absolutely right…and I quote:

    “When guys struggle, they either come out of it or they don’t.” Marlon Byrd

    Well, Marlon, I got the results of my blood screen back. Turns out I’m becoming a fatty fatterson. Normally I wouldn’t use disparaging names about fat people, but now that I am one I feel at liberty to berate myself and my kind. You see, your triglyceride level should be under 150, Marlon. What’s yours? Mine is 585, Marlon. 585…FIVE EIGHTY FIVE! I’m making some better dietary choices now and will be back in “You’re Not Gonna Die Tomorrow” shape in no time flat.

    Marlon, Softball Guy Scotty has been inviting me to softball games a few times in the past couple of weeks. I have yet to play this year, but last Friday was a fantastic day and Softball Guy Scotty invited me to play that night at 8:50 and 10:00 pm out at Hoodview. I was all about it. I texted him back “I’m in like Flynn” which is a saying that actually has sick origines. It’s a reference to Errol Flynn’s preference for early teen girls, but that’s not how I meant it. I meant it as in “I want to play softball tonight”. I was so stoked! Then I got a text back that his wife, Softball Wife Emily, had already given the slot to someone else. How many tickets do you think I gave Softball Wife Emily for the Cubs-Mariners series in Seattle a couple of years ago? You know, the game where the whole family…brother-in-law Andy, sister-in-law Tara, wife Taela, and assortment of kids and grandparents and sister-in-law Tasia…were there in centerfield cheering for a guy named Marlon Byrd? If you guessed roughly 10 then you’re roughly right. Oh well…it only cost me about $150 out of pocket and she’s a Cubs fan too, so whatever.

    Well, Marlon, it appears that church softball might be a thing of the past for me. My brother-in-law Andy and sister-in-law Tara aren’t fielding a team so I guess I’ll stop beating Chrisitan women and start…wait, I didn’t mean to imply that I beat Christian women…I’ll stop beating women…wait, I didn’t mean to imply that I beat women. Oh well, Marlon, the point is I hope you have a great season. I will continue to check the box scores and wait for better years when the W flag will once again fly frequently over the Friendly Confines.

    A word to the wise…never sniff post-digested food.


  4. tony palos

    Hi Marlon, I agree to hear from you. First thanks for sharing your current struggle with us. Without sounding too corny I recently got in the habit of saying the Rosary every day during this past Lenten season. Starting tomorrow morning I will begin to include you in my daily rosary that you find the swing quickly that God blessed you with, for his greater Glory. Take care and I will be at the game on Saturday rooting you on. I know that Paul Maholm is looking for his first win Saturday and he will be in my Rosary as well. Take care, Marlon and God Bless… “Mr. Huatulco”.. Tony.

  5. Nick

    Marlon, it’s great that you’re working hard, but doing the same thing and expecting different results is not going to get you anywhere. Try changing things up a bit. Try a new swing, or a new leg kick or just ask Rudy if there is something different you can try in your mechanics. Your body changed over the off-season, maybe your mechanics need to change along with it. At the very least, it will shake things up and maybe kickstart something in you that gives you an “ah-ha” moment at the plate.

    Love ya,
    Keep fighting!

  6. Patty C.

    We’re behind you. You have been my fav Cub since you got here & still are. Hitting is contagious & we all know you’ll get rolling again.

  7. Auron

    Dear Marlon,

    Our brains learn and practice things in our sleep. Often times when I can’t solve a problem I make a point to work on it right before bed, then try it again as soon as I wake up. And the thing is that when I wake up, I usually solve it.

    It’s a scenario in which my brain and my body both know the solution but my personality, my higher cognitive thought is over thinking the problem and getting in the way.

    You’ll find your swing, I know it. Loving the hustle in CF. Good Luck Byrd!

  8. Marlyn Sucks

    Marlyn, time to hang em up! You are only hurting the team . Soto, You and the pitchers spot are three automatic outs every time. If your a fan would you want to watch yourself play? Do the people in Chicago a favor and show some character and retire already.

    • inTheoWeTrust

      Don’t listen to this idiot, Marlon. Clearly he doesn’t watch baseball and know that players tend to struggle from time to time. He doesn’t even know how to spell your name, lol. I wish nothing but the best for you in Boston.

  9. Katie

    I am very sad to see you leave Chicago. I loved meeting you at spring training and reading your blog.
    Best of luck in Boston.

  10. Chris

    You’re a class act man. We love you in Chicago, and I’m sure they’ll love you in Boston. Good luck over there!

  11. Mr. Swain

    Marlon, good luck in Boston, always loved your spirit and drive. You are a true competitor, and you will find what you need with your new team. I will miss your smiling face in Center Field and your wonderful competitive attitude. Sorry you couldn’t finish your career with the Cubs, but I’m really happy you got traded to a competitor. Best of luck, and thanks for all your hard work as a Cub!

  12. Noah

    Good in Boston Marlon! I’m glad I saw your last start at Wrigley in person. You were one of my favoirtes, I loved your work ethic, your defense, your attitude and your knowledge of the game. You will not be forgotten in Cubs world, and im sad to see you go. I wish the best of luck to you and the rest of your career!

  13. Ryan

    Thanks for everything you’ve contributed to the Cubs, Marlon. You were a model teammate and I loved your hustle on the field every game. I know it’s been a rough start to the season, but we know you’ll find your swing. My buddy is a Red Sox fan and I was telling him how they’re getting a solid center fielder and clubhouse guy. I’ll be rooting for you in Boston, except of course when you’re up against the Cubs. When we finally win it all one day, I have faith that you’ll quietly sit back somewhere and tip your cap to the ol’ boys in blue.

  14. GuitarsNCubs

    Just as a few others here have done, I wanted to personally thank you for your time here in Chicago, Marlon. Your constant professionalism and hard work did not go unnoticed, and as a Cubs’ fan, I’m honored to have watched you wear the Cubbie pinstripes. Good luck in Beantown and, no doubt, you’ll start raking again soon. I’ll be rooting for you.

    Good luck.

  15. tony palos

    HI Marlon, all the best to you in Boston. Going to miss you in center field but I know you will make out fine in Fenway. God bless and take care from Cub Nation,,, Tony.

  16. Sleth

    Marlon – on behalf of all Cubs fans, we wish you the best in Bean Town. Your great attitude and work ethic will quickly win over the fans there. Expect some cheers when you step up to the plate at Wrigley… even if you’re in another uniform!

  17. Jeff

    Good luck in Boston Marlon…we appreciated your hard work, great attitude, and respect for the Cubbies uniform. You are a man of talent and character and you will be missed.

  18. Tony S

    I wish you the best of luck in Boston Marlon. I really appreciate the professionalism and strong work ethic you brought to the Cubs and I hope BJackson has taken note and can provide similar qualities when he’s eventually called up.

  19. Leroy Kleimola

    I will miss you Marlon. The game i went to last year when you played against Washington and you had that behind the head catch, that is the thing I will remember the most about you. Good luck and take care of yourself. I hope the AL finds you well.

  20. Chris M

    Thank you for all the hard work and love you brought to the chi cubs. Your hustle and leadership where qualities everyone appreciated. Best of luck to you and your family in Boston.

  21. Ted S

    Thank you for your service the last three years. You gave fans hustle and heart and were a model for younger players. You will be missed. Good luck in Boston!

  22. Phil

    Hi Marion, I would like to thank you for the way you play the game. I love your hustle and attitude. I hope for nothing but success for you in Boston.

  23. Matt JS

    Marlon, as a Cub fan I wish you the best of luck with the Red Sox. They are fortunate to have you on their team. Your leadership and professionalism will be missed during these “rebuilding” years at Wrigley.

  24. LovetheCubs

    Sad to see you go! You are a classy guy and always gave your all. I know you’ll get your swing back. It was a pleasure to meet you and chat at the Cubs Convention.
    Best wishes in Boston.

  25. Kathy Baker

    Good luck to you in Boston. Keep that beautiful smile on your face and know that the Cub fans will be rooting for you in Boston. Thanks for being a classy ballplayer here in Chicago.

  26. Stuart

    Short and sweet, Marlon, you were one of my favorite Cubs players to watch everyday, your passion for the game, day in and day out you gave it 110% no matter the score, I really will miss seeing you out there in center, best of luck to you in Boston!

  27. Terry G

    Good luck in Boston! We wish you all the success in the world with your new team. Thank you coming out every game and giving it your full effort. That’s something kids need to see who are playing little league.

  28. Christian

    The bleacher bums will miss you but in general all Cubs fans. You played the game hard and the right way, cubbie nation will miss you because it had been a long time since we had a player that actually hustled and you did it every game. Gonna miss you byrd man!

  29. Dave Nathan

    Marlon, I was the tall guy in Arizona (at Spring Training) who asked the silly question about whether your grocery shopping got easier or harder when you learned of your allergies. You were kind enough to respond to my nonsense for a brief minute or two while signing some things for kids. You are a class act and we’ll miss your great attitude in Chicago. Good luck in Boston!

  30. Marc W

    Marlon, best of luck in Boston! Thanks for playing the game the right way, we enjoyed having you as a Cub.

    Also, thanks for being so great when my family met you at a Spring Training game in AZ last month. You saw my 2 year old in a Starlin Castro shirt and went to get Starlin to sign it for us. We will never forget how nice you were to us. My 2 year old talks about the time his “Cubby guy” signed his back every time he sees a baseball game.

  31. Brian A

    Marlon we will miss your leadership, work ethic, constant hustle and smile. Thanks for playing cf the way it should be played. Just wish more of your style rubbed off on starlin who still doesn’t run hard out of the box. Anyway best of luck in Boston where you have a chance to win a pennant. I’m sure you will be a calming influence on a locker room that is probably in some disarray after the words from bobby v and the Yankee comeback. We will miss you!!

  32. Dan Kapica

    Marlon…thank you for the years that you were a Chicago Cub……you did everything you could to make the team a winner. I want to wish you nothing but the very best. You are a class guy.

  33. Scott P.

    Marlon, I wanted to wish you well with the Red Soxs I know you will turn it around and bring to Fenway the right way to play the game. The Cubs are a better team today based on your leadership, energy, hustle, and humility.

    I will miss bowing back to you from the bleachers every home game!

    Thank you for being a Cub and I will watch and cheer for you as long as you play the game.

  34. Matt Crayne

    Marlon, I always enjoyed you as a Cub. You are a man that comes in and works hard everyday. Keep it up in Boston and best of luck to you. -Matt

  35. Jon

    Class act, Marlon. Best of luck in Boston. We’ll see you at Wrigley this summer and you’ll get a nice ovation.

  36. Bill

    Best of everything to you, Marlon. You are exactly the kind of person I wish every baseball player could be. As a Cubs fan, I’m sad to see you leaving the Cubs. As a Marlon Byrd fan, I’ll be rooting for you wherever you are. Thanks for everything you’ve done for the Cubs. I wish you nothing but success in the future.

  37. Patty C.

    It is always a stab in the gut for a fan to have to say goodbye to such a gamer. Your attitude, your work ethic and your talent did not go overlooked in this town or this nationwide fanbase. God bless you & bring you tremendous success in Boston.

  38. Steve Roach II

    Marlon, I’ve been a Cubs fan since ’82, have seen a lot of good players come and go….I’m not much of a jersey wearing guy, but I would have worn yours….You’re a class act, a ballplayer playing the game the way it should be. Now you’re off to Boston, but you have a lifetime fan in me. I wish you and your family well; I know you’ll succeed, because you already have! You’re working towards excellence, consistent success, because thats what excellence demands! Be well Mr. Byrd, I hope we see alot more like you.

  39. Kent

    Best of luck in Boston. Thanks for playing the game with hustle and enthusiasm and for that great All-Star memory!

  40. Jfedwards333

    Good luck in Boston! As a lifelong Cubs fan, I will always appreciate your effort, attitude and ability–you came to play and gave this team a lift three years ago. Your smile and positivity are infectious, you look like you’re having fun when you play, and I hope you tear it up in the AL East.

  41. Jessica

    Thanks for always playing hard in Chicago… I will always be a fan and wish you nothing but success! 🙂

  42. Matt

    I love watching veteran players play like they just made it out of the minors and playing their first big league game. You played every game that way, with your heart and soul. Best of luck to you!

  43. Karin

    Good Luck Marlon! You always gave it your all, every day and Cubs fans appreciate that. Keep doing what you’re doing. I hope you tear it up with Boston (except when they play the Cubs of course)!

  44. Jack

    Marlon – thanks for your hustle in the outfield and your professional play – this Cubs fan is going to miss you. Good Luck in Boston

  45. Byrdman2

    Marlon, I love the way you kept smiling even when the at bats did not go your way. I love the way you kept diving after liners that most CFielders would one-hop, I love the way you would pitch the ball to your CF bleacher fans whenever possible, I love the way you never fail to encourage other players, I love your 100% hustle, already standing on 2B when a long fly ball is caught, I love the way you respect the umpires even when they miss a crucial strike 3 instead of ball four, and they did more than once this season on you, I love your super intense approach to batting, crouching in where others fear to stand, I love the way you adjusted during the off season. The Cubs have lost a great player, maybe it won’t hurt them in the long run, maybe it will. Personally I will now have to learn to be a Red Sox fan as well as a Cubs and T-Rangers fan! Bet wishes to another good, maybe even great season in the friendly cconfines of Fenway.

  46. Gergő

    It’s hard to find a good contract these years, however yours have worth every penny. Hustling all the time, giving everything you had on a daily basis.
    Appreciate everything and the best of luck in Boston!

  47. YoungCub

    You came to the Cubs at a time where NOBODY was hustling. I remember the first time I saw you playing in person. It was at Wrigley and the Cubs were down I believe 10 to 1 to the Reds in a later inning. A fly ball was hit towards center and you made a diving catch. The fact that you hustled so hard when we were down by so much blew my mind. You instantly became one of my favorite Cubbies. We all wish you the best of luck in Boston and you’ve made a Red Sox fan out of me. Hopefully they can turn things around, you deserve the wins. Thank you for your time in Chicago!

  48. Trish Darbumpski

    Marlon– You will be missed! I always thought of you as the Mayor of Center Field in Wrigley because you had such ease in your position and such a cool way with the bleacher bums. You are a great asset to any team — great energy, great attitude, and great respect. Best wishes for the future and happy hitting in Boston!

  49. olderstyle

    Marlon, best of luck to you. I really appreciated your professional example on the team. sorry to see you go.

  50. John L. Holt

    I am a Cub fan since 1943. I want to thank Marlon Byrd for his play with the Chicago Cubs. He was one of my favorite players. He always had a smile on his face and gave his all. I am disappointed to see him leave but it is much better for Marlon to go with a team like Boston where he has a chance for a ring. My best to you Marlon, you were the man.

  51. Michael

    Cheater. To think I was a believer that your skill was all hard work and hustle. Very disappointing.

  52. William Mann

    Marlon, I would love to see if you have a plan for the next season. Cannot find anywhere what you would have to do to get back to the bigs…You are no longer under contract, right? If how I feel is any indication, your fans would love to see you make yet another comeback. Personally, I was amazed at how well you were able to play after that horrible day against Boston. I hope you check this blog from time to time, and I hope to see you “play ball” again in 2013…Is there any way you could receive a letter? like an address you could share via my log-in? Thank you for so many great baseball memories and here is hoping and praying for more

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