3/9 On new OF coach Dave McKay

Dave has his style, and it makes sense why the Cardinals and the A’s were the best baserunning teams in baseball, why their outfield was fundamentally sound and they never made mistakes. Playing quality baseball is what he’s about. He simplifies everything. There’s certain things he does at first base that I’ve never heard of first base coaches doing but it makes so much sense. On singles or doubles, he’ll be in front of us instead of being out in the coaches’ box. On ground balls. we know when they’re hit to us, nobody’s on, we’re supposed to catch and throw it in. But, hey, catch it like an infielder, and not just that, let’s reinforce it, let’s work on it every single day, and that’s the first thing we do is ground balls, catch it like an infielder, catch it like an infielder. You might not see one error this year from an outfielder where the ball with nobody on base, the ball is hit right to him, regardless of the field, how fast it is, how slow it is, how much it snakes. Baserunning, hitting the base with your right foot. It’s very simple but at the same time, do you really do it? With him, its reinforcing it, doing it over and over and over again. Yesterday, I hit a pop fly and I was running around and I was caught in between and hit it with my left foot and I ran by him, and he said, “You hit it with the wrong foot.” We’re learning. That’s what I think the staff is about. He brings that quality of baseball to this team. We have a lot of young guys but we have older guys like me and we get to learn. I love learning new things and that’s what he brings to the table.

— Marlon


  1. Tom Dillavou

    Nice HR today. I like the way you sprint around the bases. I went to 71 games last year. I really respect your ” Love of the Game”.

  2. Keithman

    Hi Marlon!

    I think it’s neat that you are learning from a guy who is teaching you Little League fundamentals! Have you ever thought about the word “fundamentals”? I mean, doesn’t it sound like you’re having fun with mentals? That’s what it sounds like to me and I think that alone is going to make you guys 13% better this season.

    You said in your blog that there aren’t going to be any errors made on routine hits to the outfield this year, but come on man…you have Alfonso Soriano out there. I don’t mean to be a downer, but I’ll make you a cash wager of $1,000 that you’re wrong about this one. You probably remember that I went down to Vegas to play in a World Series of Poker event last year (remember my crack about how as a Cubs fan that’s the only way I can get to the World Series?). I did lousy in the tournament, but the last thing I did on my way out of town was bet against you guys with all the money I had left because Rodrigo Lopez was pitching the second game of a double header. That’s how dark it got last year, Marlon…but at least I was able to make some money on you guys.

    Marlon, my brother-in-law Andy started The Southeast Church this year (www.thesoutheastchurch.com). Because they meet on Sunday evenings it looks like he won’t be able to put a team into church league softball! I mean, we’re defending champions, Marlon! I feel like maybe we’re like John Elway. Not in the sense that we own a car dealership in Denver and have giant horse-like teeth, but in the sense that we won the whole thing and now we’re walking out on top. Fortunately for me I’ve found a spot on a men’s league team that plays on Monday nights, but what is my sister-in-law Tara going to do? You know what she said after we won that tournament? She said that was the first time she had ever won anything like that before. She didn’t grow up playing sports and, here’s the thing Marlon, you can’t win a tap dance recital.

    Well Marlon, I’m getting really excited about the upcoming season. It’s going to be amazing!!!!! I’m so glad that Portland finally has a team I can root for! The Major League Soccer Timbers should be really good this year! When they moved into town they displaced the AAA baseball team we had here which hurt at first, but then I started to realize just how great soccer is to watch and be a part of. My son (name intentionally withheld) didn’t want to play baseball this year so we’re slowly becoming a soccer household. Maybe one day the Cubs will be good enough to follow more closely but that’s not going to be this year. WHEN WE ROOT WE ROOT FOR THE TIMBERS! and HEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY PORTLAND TIIIIIIIIMBEEERS!

    Every time the Timbers score a goal at home their mascot, a big lumberjack named Timber Joey, saws a giant slice off a log with a chainsaw. I was thinking the Cubs could do something like that. You could have Bricklayer Bill and he could slap a brick down with some mortar every time you score a run. By the end of the seaon you might have a nice little flower box to plant some marigolds in!

    Please visit my blog at http://keenkeith.blogspot.com!


    • Chuck Mraz

      Keith…Thanks for rambling aimlessly and saying absolutely nothing worthwhile. No one gives a crap about your lousy poker playing, softball team or Portland soccer. Wow, watching a big mascot saw a log…(once, maybe twice per game, if you’re lucky)…man, that’s excitement! We’re all sawing logs now…ZZZZZZZZZZ. Snoozer! Soccer household? Please say hello to your picture of Vladimir Putin for me you commie! And, by the way the only brick being laid is that stupid blog of yours. You’re an idiot.


      • Keithman

        Hi Chuck Mraz!

        Thanks for replying to my reply to Marlon! It’s good to see people who have time to get riled up over “nothing worthwhile”. I have found that in life we often focus our frustrations with what really matters on things of little consequence…this is called ‘anger displacement’. For instance, your lack of anything constructive to do (i.e. work) has led you to belittle someone you don’t know (i.e. me) and something you didn’t read (i.e. my blog).

        I don’t understand your reference to Communism, but I can assure you that the current American push toward Socialistic public policy is disturbing. I can also tell you that your use of Google to find out how to accurately spell “Vladimir Putin” is very encouraging. Way to use the resources at your disposal, Chuck!

        That said, I do appreciate the response and I hope that our mutual love of the Cubs is one day fulfilled with a World Series season!

        And always remember…”you and I both love what you and I spoke of and others just read of…others only read of the love, the love that I love”…Your kin Jason (Mr A to Z) seems to know how we feel about the Cubs together.


  3. George Allen

    Hey Marlon,

    How would you feel about being traded to Atlanta? I realize right now you are a Cub, and that is where your heart is, but do you have reservations about potentially playing for The ATL? I’m a Braves fan and have seen you in action. It’d be a pleasant surprise to see you help us contend for NL East title. BTW my second favorite NL team is the Cubs. The late son of the Great Cubs announcer Harry Cary, Skip Cary was the long time announcer for Braves, and now his son, Harry Cary’s grandson, Chip announces the games.

  4. Bill judd

    There are all kinds of rumors flying around about you being traded. If that happens I just wanted you to know it has been a pleasure watching you the last couple of years and you really are a class act.

    • Keithman

      Hi Chuck Mraz!

      Speaking of “The bit is tired”, what do you think of these zingers? I think they’re nearly as funny, on a comedic level, as The George Lopez Show!

      “If you have no patience…You likely have a wait problem.”
      “You know the best way to save soles? Learn to walk on your hands.”
      “A watch salesman who sells all of his inventory is one person who can honestly say that he doesn’t have time.”

      Some guy named “Chuck Mraz” thought these were funny enough to post on the internets. I’m sure it was someone much less clever than you though!

      Have fun with your old man baseball games! Maybe you’ll have a pitcher whose velocity (in m.p.h.) will approach his age! Good luck!

      Go Morehead!


  5. Lawerence Rumrill

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