5/17 What we need to do

Let’s start with two of the guys we were hoping would be here for a long time, Mateo and Colvin being sent out. A lot of guys have been in that position. I had a great rookie year and got sent down my second year, third year, fourth year, fifth year and then I finally established myself. Sometimes a young guy has a great first year and shows what he has, shows the talent and the league makes adjustments and they have to re-adjust. I think he fell into the category of all the other outfielders were hitting and they couldn’t figure out a way to plug him in there last year. We know Mateo has great stuff. He can pitch, 95, 96, great slider. He has to re-tool, refine some things down there. Colvin same thing. Everyone knows he can hit. He has to regain that stroke we know he has, get him at-bats, make sure his development doesn’t get stunted and he can come back and help this team.

As far as this team now, we’re not even close to where we need to be. Thank goodness it’s not too late and it’s not September and we’re not 10, 15 games out already. We still have a chance to turn it around and that’s what we need to do. It starts with the veterans and we all need to step up and do our jobs. Veteran hitters need to drive in runs, veteran pitchers need to keep us in games. Veteran pitchers in the back of the bullpen need to close it out, which they’ve been doing all year. It’s very simple. Pitching, hitting — timely hitting — and defense. You do that and you’ll win games. That’s what we need to do. It’s easy to say but difficult to do, but the teams that get to the playoffs all do it.

— Marlon


Marlon…you’re kidding, right?

“Make sure his development doesn’t get stunted and he can come back and help this team.” Shouldn’t this be the goal of EVERY Cubs player, especially the veterans??

“Veteran pitchers in the back of the bullpen need to close it out, which they’ve been doing all year.” Wood not only didn’t close it out tonight, but he gave it away and lost it for Garza!! His record is 1-3…how’s that for a veteran pitcher “closing it out”??

I’ve been a Cub fan for over 60 years, and have gotten more and more frustrated! This organization from the top down…Hendry, Quade, etc. STINKS ON ICE!! They can’t make smart, timely decisions…whether it’s trades, drafts, pulling pitchers, pulling sinking, stinking players who can’t hit or won’t hustle and make routine plays. Sorry-ano fits that description very well…I don’t care if he has 11 homers or not, or the fact that he’s a multi-million dollar contract mistake or not…EAT THE $$$ AND SIT HIS BUTT ON THE BENCH…play a rookie…what’s the difference, you’d at least get as much output as Sorry-ano, and who knows, you might get increased contribution?!?!?! You made the poor hiring/trade decision, Hendry! Be bold and make some decisions that will benefit this team. Think of all of us LOYAL, DIE-HARD, LIFE-LONG FANS FOR A CHANGE and LEAVE!!!!!

I am still totally pissed off that jim hendry “aka” benedict arnold let my cubs hero ryne sandberg go to philly and didnt make an attempt to keep him in chicago. or even in the organization. that was the last straw for me in this game called “cubs mediocrity”. get rid of jim hendry and get someone who has a clue how to run a baseball team!!!

Hendry did try to keep Ryne in the organization, but he though it was a better idea to have a fit like a little baby about the fact that a more qualified candidate got the job he wanted.

I love Ryno to death, but so far he has just up and left Cubs fans with little warning twice, so I’m not exactly itching to have him managing the big league club just yet.

Marlon I agree with you, but here’s the kicker; Carlos Pena should be in the 3 hole with the way he’s been seeing the ball. Q needs to stop moving Castro around, bat the kid leadoff. I mean in all Honesty the clutch hitting isn’t there because the only guys who have been clutch are Barney and Pena. You want to see victories then Tell Q as a Team leader you’re Suppose to be to use this line up and if nothing changes then maybe you should ask for a way out of town.


Marlon, its time to quit making excuses and telling us that it will get better. Im sorry Marlon but thats the same song the Cubbies were singing last year also. And last nights game against the Reds was an example of high priced ballplayers (over payed at that) not playing up to thier salaries. They should back up to the pay windows and get thier pay checks. Ive seen better playing from high school and college ball players as compared to these mediocre ballplayers the cubs have thier hopes on. The owner should just bring up AAA Iowa and send this whole team to Iowa and let them embarrass them folks for awhile. I dont think AAA Iowa can do any worse then this team has been doing for the last couple of years and continue to do this year. Theyve gone from bad to worst..

Ive been a Cubs fan all my life and beleived in the slogan “wait till next year”, Now its the song again this year!!! Mistakes like them made last night are unexcusable for ballplayers that have been playing all the years these guys have been playing. Plus the Reds gave the Cubs many chances to blow the game away, but the Cubs wouldnt take the openings! OUr hitting stinks, period!! Only two batters have over 1 homer, our defense is horrible just as the announcers said last night on Fox. And it aint gonna change anytime soon, as long as we have the players in key positions we have. I gotta give credit to you and Castro and Barney. But the rest could be traded or sent down and we wouldn’t be any worse than we are now. Actually it may improve the team. Two men only hitting homers. Rameriz dint hit last year until the second half, what’s his excuse now..Oh, we’ll see him bust open after the Allstar Break, I guess. But by then we’ll be in the basement with no help in sight of bringing us out. Im sorry to vent this on here but like so many die hard Cub fans, Im getting to the point it’s just not worth it anymore to dream of winning National League Championship, let alone the WS!!!

He sido fanatico de los cubs toda mi vida, considero q el problema esta en realizar un mejor lineup y lo principal poner a Starlin Castro de 1er bate titular no meterle presion colocandolo de 3ero tu sitio ideal es de 1ero este es el lineup con el q deberian jugar.


There seems to be some frustration here folks, and I feel it too, but I don’t hold it against Quade. With the exception of leaving Zambrano in too long during that 7 run inning a few nights ago, I’ve been pretty impressed with his managing. I do agree with the sentiment to sit some “veterans” and play folks who actually want to play ball. The way I see it, when you’re making several million a year it can be pretty easy to just go through the motions of playing without really making any extra effort. As for Marlon saying things will get better, hey, what would you prefer he say? He isn’t giving up, he’s a professional, he’s making an effort. Personally, I would like to see the Cubs continue to build from within, and like many of us, quit going after high priced prima donnas who just want to earn a paycheck.

I have just had it. Stinkin’ lasiness is taking the field. No not everybody but most. Sorry-ano you bet. I was singing the song of benching him 2 years ago. I didn’t care for Q when he coached 3rd. Dejesus sending runners just to get nailed with nobody out…are you kidding me. The complaints just continue to pile up. The owner needs to remember that he’s a Cubs fan from way back and do what a Cubs fan would do. I think some of us could do a better job all the way around. I’ve been a Cubs fan for 54 years now and don’t plan on changing…ever, but…I have stinkin’ had it. Cub fans revolt.

I’ve prett much had it too…I never understood the Quade hire…big deal, he had a winning record last year…what has he done for us this year? how many times this year have we hit and run? How many times have pitchers been left in too long? How many times is he going to dick with the line-up before he gets it right? It’s clear that he is not taking a leadership roll in the dugout…behind closed doors. I’m sure he’s frustrated but likable coaches never seem to get it done…sometimes you have to show a little emotion and get pissed off at the mediocre play…Quade scratches his head and wonders why the team is failing…he needs to kick some butt…Marlon…if he won’t do it then the leaders of this team need to step up and start kicking butt….get PISSED OFF…just like all of us die-hard fans….well I gues at this point I should say…use to be die-hard fans…I’ve had it man…46 years of following the Cubs right down the drain…what a waste of emotion…but at least I HAD emotion…Steve

WOW, you guys are all attacking Marlon like he’s the guy that makes all the decisions, give the guy a break, he doesn’t have to do this blog but he does, and you guys act like giving
Him line-ups and advice to hand over to Q will help. Read the blog and keep cheering, I know it’s hard right now but we’re CUBS fans, we knew what we were getting into, this team hasn’t done alot of winning for a long time, so you guys need to stop making excuses, and keep rooting Marlon and the Cubbies on!

Hi Marlon!

I used to comment on every one of your posts and then the moderator threw a bunch of them out. It takes me a long time to type out these comments and there are people out there relying on them. I always thought that one day you might respond to one…instead a bunch of them were deleted.

Instead of replying, could you please autograph your golden sombrero from last night and send it to me? There seemed to have been a Soriano sized hole in your swing right off the end of your bat where you couldn’t physically reach the ball.

Maybe you coud try out for pitcher. We seem to have a severe lack of talent in that department throughout the system.


Wow, what do you people expect Marlon to say, “we suck, season over”? This is a ball player who goes out and works hard every day and only wants to win. Do you think he has fun when the team is struggling? Like he doesn’t care what happens on the field? He does not deserve the crap you guys are giving him. Especially when he is trying to stay positive about his team. Something you “Fans” could probably learn from. This team has more talent at bat boy than any of you arm chair manager morons ever had in your “man I was awesome in little league” primes.
Keep up the good work Marlon, there’s still plenty of time to turn this thing around. Always enjoy watching you play the game! Have fun at Fenway! Go Cubs!

Note to Keithman: We had some technical issues with the blog, and Marlon had nothing to do with blocking your comments. Everything should be back to normal, and, judging by the tone of the comments here, it seems that it is.


I saw that nasty shot you took tonite- sorry that happened & hope you’ll be ok… love your game!

Marlon, you are in our prayers. I could not believe it when you got to your knees then stood up. I should not have been surprised. You are the epitome of a team player. I couldn’t help but think back to when Ron Santo was hit in the face. You surely have him in your corner too.

Mr. Byrd,
I hope that your recovery is swift and complete!! You are an amazing ball player and even more so an amazing human being. Get well soon and I know we all look forward to seeing you out on the field real soon!

Marlon I’m praying for you!! Get back soon! You are a baseball player in every sense of the word! A real throw back and I LOVE IT & YOU! Keep your chin up and the real CUBS fans get what your saying in this post! Life is too short to be pessimistic, keep up with the optimism! Much Love & Prayers your way!
~Shan : )

Wishing you an extrememly speedy recovery, Marlon.

First and foremost, Marlon, I hope you make a speedy recovery for all the reasons that anyone would want to recover from something like that.

Secondly, I hope you make it back soon to the field.


I wish you the best with recovery. That was painful to watch.

I have always been thankful to read your blog entries and the morale boost they bring. You take pride in all that you do and you always remain positive. This is immensely encouraging to fans, and it makes you a favorite to watch on and off the field. I’m glad you’re a Cub and your attitude makes me proud. Thanks for making yourself accessible to fans. Get well soon, wish you and your family the best.

And Go Cubs Go!


Marlon you are a class act. Speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Hoping the best for you, Marlon. That was a nasty shot, but I know you’ve come back from worse. We’re all pulling for you. Get well soon.

Marlon you really are a classy guy! God Speed on your recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Take your time and heal well. This fan will wait for your return.

Marlon, you’re a great player and an even greater person. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Can’t wait to see you back out there after you’ve healed.

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