5/25 I’ll be back

Thanks for the get well messages. I’ll be OK and come back playing as hard as ever!

— Marlon


  1. Brent

    From California: Get well soon Marlon! You are a class act, and definitely one of my favorite Cubs for the way you play and carry yourself. Take the time you need to fully recover and we’ll see you back when it’s time. Time for the others to pick it up ’til you get back.

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  3. Sheryl Freeman

    I’m so glad that you’re in such positive spirits! And that you are even more determined to get better & back on the field.. We all miss ya & hope for only the best for you, Marlon…. You are my MOST FAVORITE Cubbie player & I just love to watch ya make all your most wonderful & exciting plays every game…. 🙂 Love & miss ya bunches…. Sheryl & boys

  4. Susanne Houshmand

    I saw the accident, horrifying to view! (Never mind how it felt to you)..You have really been an outstanding player for the Cubs on the field and off (from what I’ve read) and I have a lot of respect for you;talent,effort and style.Take care and come back strong!
    I wish you the best.

  5. Eva

    Don’t push your limits; follow your doctors’ advice. Take GOOD CARE of that head; it’s the only one you’ve got!
    I am in week 5 of recovering from a concussion, from when I fell down a hill while doing home maintenance. I’m paying now because nobody realized I had a concussion at first, and I tried doing all the normal Mom stuff and not resting enough.
    So rest. Shut your eyes and listen to the games on the radio along with me. Praying for you up here in Dairlyland.

  6. Kimmy Shay

    I’m praying for a speedy recovery!! Take care of yourself. I know you will be back and as good as new in no time. Until then, we will miss you!

  7. Tim Litterio


    You are the man! Every player should play like you out there! I was at the game against the Giants where it rained the whole time. I was sitting in right center and we kept doing angels in the outfield with you! You are so much fun to watch and you enjoy playing with the fans! You are my favorite cub by far and I hope you get well soon!

  8. nicole

    Rangers fans hurt for you when you got hit. That was scary! But we know you’re tough and will do what you need to do to get the job done.

  9. Brittany

    Marlon– can’t wait for you to get back out there, you are so strong out in center and it’s apparent to anyone that you really energize the team and the fans! As a former travel softball player, I too got knocked in the face and fractured my orbital bone– 1/4″ up and I would have lost my vision, 1/2″ right and I would have been killed. Granted it wasn’t a 90mph fastball, but I feel your pain nonetheless!! Rest up– can’t wait to see you back in the “Byrd’s Nest” of CF! Yesterday’s game in the bleachers wasn’t the same without you, although Campana sure did a hell of a good job!

    P.S. My Fantasy team misses you 🙂


  10. Bill Mann

    I am Byrdmantoo on the MLB comments blog, and I was really ticked off to see you get hit time after time in Boston, something like three times in 5 at bats? And the last one was soooo unnecessary..throw inside, OK, but not that high..I have been watching you since a Texas-Pittsburgh game years ago in Pittsburgh, and you quickly became my ideal of how to play the GAME…but it is just a game, and the important thing for you is to let your body tell you how to and how much rest to take…my prayers are for your complete healing, soon.

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