7/4 Thanks, everyone

Thanks to all the NL players. That’s No. 1, hands down. Without them, I wouldn’t be in the All-Star Game. I made the All-Star team all the way thorugh the Minor Leagues and now I made it in the big leagues. It’s just huge for me. I’m not a guy who likes talking about himself but being voted in by your peers, I don’t think there’s a bigger honor. The players see me day in, day out, the NL Central, the guys in the West, the East — I’ve played against all of them. They know what I’ve been doing and it shows they’ve been paying attention. It doesn’t get any better than being recognized as one of the best in the National League.


  1. dlee182

    congrats Marlon! you deserve it. nice to see a guy in the big leagues try on every play. we truely appreciate your effort.

  2. vegascubfan

    Hustlin’ Marlon! You deserve it. As a former Cubs All-Star, NL MVP, Gold Glove, Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg would say, “It was all about doing things right.” Marlon, you play the game the right way.


  3. jlpcubsfan

    Congrats, “Byrdie”, I’m so excited for you. Your hard work and consistent effort on every play and every at-bat has paid off! Can’ wait to see you in your All-Star debut. Enjoy every minute of it. We’ll be rooting for you here at home.

  4. kryztalite

    Awesome! I’m so happy for you. Sadly enough, I think that you’re the only one this season whose showed the true spirit for the game and who honestly deserves it on the team. Congratulations man!

  5. adrock702

    You Rock Marlon! It’s about time people have started to realize how great you actually are! I’ve been voting for you since day 1. Great Job!

  6. rstanbe424@aol.com

    You so DESERVE this honor! You fly like a ‘BYRD’ on all plays in the outfield and ALWAYS FLY like a ‘BYRD around the bases!! I have LOVED you since you joined the team! You are an ASSET! I have also voted for you every day so am HAPPY that you were picked to represent the Chicago Cubs. You are definitely an ALL STAR!!!

  7. becca_fo_fekka@hotmail.com

    Good Luck Marlon!! Chicago Loves you!!!!!!! We’re glad to see a great guy go and play a great game

  8. crzblue2

    Dodger fan here. Congratulations! It is so nice that you maintain this blog. I’ll be at the All-Star game. For me is the second one I will be attending. The first one was at Dodger Stadium and that was a loooong time ago.
    I will also be volunteering at the All-Star FAnFest!

  9. acindy

    Rock on!! Congrats on the vote. You deserve it. I love your hustle on EVERY play. You’re why I watch the Cubs these days. Enjoy the All-Star festivities!

  10. keithcub

    Hi Marlon!

    Good news on the All-Star front! I’ll tell you what, I’m sitting around talking with my brother-in-law Andy and we’re talking about the Cubs this year and how it’s just getting hard to watch and I say that nobody on the team really looks like they care enough to actually win and he says “except Marlon Byrd” and I say “yeah” and then he says “and I’d say Colvin too” and I say “yeah”…I’m pretty agreeable when people are right, you know. So anyway, we’re sitting there watching the 12-0 Reds game on DVR delay and we get to the 7th…bear in mind that I know what’s coming and my brother-in-law Andy has no idea. So I say “you sure you want to watch this inning?” and he says “why? are they about to get killed” and I say something like “you can’t equate killing with a baseball game” (listen, Marlon, I didn’t really say that last part, I just thought it sounded funny). Anyway, after we fast forwarded through yet another debacle of a game I have the great idea to take their kids’ stuffed soccer ball and have a penalty kick game, World Cup style. It’s a penalty kick shootout right there in my brother-in-law Andy’s living room. His kids are trying to sleep, but he beats me fair and square in our first shootout. I proceeded to win the second and third shootouts. I told my wife, Taela, about it later, but she was pretty peeved about me eating the burrito in the fridge so she didn’t have a lot of time to chat it up about living room World Cup, can you blame her?

    Marlon, I can’t stress enough how great it is that you are going to the All-Star Game. Wanna hear about stress? We took the kids to a firework show…even my sister-in-law Tasia was there (not my sister-in-law Tara). Tasia really thinks Sean Marshall is cute. Anyway, these fireworks start right behind this giant tree and we can’t see it! Well we are about to get up and move along with a grip of other posers when the REAL show starts and it’s in plain view. Boy were our faces red! Then green, then blue, then gold, then green again…you get the picture.

    One more thing. My kids love singing “Go Cubs, Go!” in the car, but I won’t play it for them unless you guys win. Can you do that more often? Also, my brother-in-law Andy could really use a shout-out in your next post. He’s beginning to believe that you don’t even read the comments on your blog. Who wouldn’t do that?


  11. mhandler2000

    Congrats Marlon on your all star selection! You deserve it! I only wish that we had acquired you sooner! As a longtime Cub can, I can be the eternal optimist. I’m not throwing the towel in on ’10 yet. There have been a lot of bright spots…..yourself, Tyler is swinging the bat, Fonzie is doing well and has been injury free, the starting rotation has done well for the most part. Then theres the not so good…..D. Lee always gets off to a slow start, except for his MVP year when he was hot all season. But he has never been .225 or .230 near the all star break. That & Aramis’ thumb issues. I look for a better second half. The hitting needs to come around, especially timely hitting with RISP. Look at the other day….we won, but we left SEVENTEEN men on base. I know it can be done. Rudy is confident of that, and you know Rudy better than anybody. Not sure if any moves will be made by the trading deadline, but we’ll just wait and see. Best of luck in Anaheim! Heres to a better second half and making the playoffs! GO CUBS! Mark, Council Bluffs, IA.

  12. shaffer97@hotmail.com

    All I have to say is… you’ve been absolutely unstoppable in the batter’s box this year. There is only a handfull of good players out there who can take balls and strikes and still get up to battle, get a lot of hard drives into the outfield, and do the sliding/diving catch to help your team mates out. You’re the best at doing that in this ball club. I’ve seen more games this year for the Cubbies than any other year before, and you’ve put this year to the test, and you’ve passed. Best of luck at the All-star game this year, bud. ~E

  13. cozzi22@yahoo.com

    way to go marlon you completely deserve it!! me and my friends were sitting behind you in the bleachers on thursday cheering you on you’re the best! although you didn’t throw us a ball… haha i was also sitting behind you during the final cubs/sox game and you threw a ball right at me and my girlfriend but we missed it!! the luck of a cubs fan right? anyways congrats again enjoy it!

  14. andreastormer@yahoo.com

    YAY Congrats Marlon!!! I’ve been a cubbies fan for a while and i have to let you know that it is sooo refreshing to see players playing the game for the love of it!! you deff. have caught my eye this year… no matter how far we are down you always have your AMAZING hustle on and i love it! you never give up and thats what i love to see!!You have been nothing but amazing for us this year you are holding it down and i got faith that this might not be OUR year but it is for sure YOUR year!! Byrd Byrd Byrd…BYRDS THE WORD!!!

  15. shanyn45@hotmail.com

    I could not be happier for you, i’ve said for a while that you are the most deserving cub to be voted in!!! i wish silva had been too, but the two of you have been the brightest spots in a tough season!! keep doing what you do, because you have earned alot of respect and love for doing it!! Have a blast at the all star game!!!

  16. bradsjax@yahoo.com

    Congrats on being selected to the All-Star Game! I can’t wait to see that smile and hustle in Anaheim. You are truly a class act!
    Brad in Jacksonville, Fl

  17. hello_wilbur@hotmail.com

    Congratulations Byrd-man! I love your hustle and voted for you on my ballot, so I was thrilled to see that the players voted you in. Cub fans are happy that you’re a part of our team, and hopefully you’ll be manning center field in Wrigley for years to come!

    Ed in Wisconsin

  18. wmvt

    Thanks for the daily effort you put out there every day. It really is noticed, and you are definitely deserving of your first all star selection. Keep it up in the second half!

  19. hustlelikereed

    I confess to having more than a few negative thoughts when we didn’t snap Reed back up at the end of last season, and still miss his excitement at playing the game – especially for the Cubs – but he truly has a worthy successor in centrefield who knows how to HustleLikeReed.

    Thanks for playing the game the right way and for the way you appreciate the bleacher bums before each game… we are not worthy…

  20. rhodey03


    I usually try to say something different than everyone else says on here, but this time I’ll just go with the party line. You deserve to be on the all-star team for your effort, hustle, energy, and most of all carrying an under-achieving team this year. You are the only player that tries and it is refreshing. Thank you, have fun in LA, and represent the Cubbies well. Korby in Kansas

  21. semicrazy23@gmail.com


    Thank you for making the Cubs’ fans proud! You are quickly rising toward the top of my All-Time Favorite Cubs list. My favorite thing is your work ethic. There are few, if any that play the game harder and with more passion than you. All the young players and some of the older should really take the cue from you. I keep telling my step-kids that they should take on life like you take on baseball. Give it their all, leave nothing on the table, and they can look back and say they couldn’t have tried any harder. You are a great role model and I proud to say that I’m a Marlon Byrd fan! I hope you here until the end of your career!

    Jason from Ankeny, IA

  22. ccook717@gmail.com

    Way to go Marlon!!! Love how you HUSTLE around those bases when you hit those homers!

  23. insobaseball

    Marlon, congratulations on a much deserved honor! We all know how tough our season has been; and I realize we are only half-way. But having you on our team has made it more bearable.
    I didn’t know much about you when we got you from Seattle. But I was at Spring Training, behind home plate early before a game, and there was this children’s orchestra who were set to play the anthem. Some kids had flutes, others had violins, and still others had a bass. You came out of the dugout and talked to each of the kids, even asking some of them to play their instrument for you. It was very kind of you to do that; and a refresher from some of the players (I won’t name them) we have had recently. Then to back it up on the field, we are lucky to have you!! Have fun in Anaheim!!

  24. eagleeye1975

    Great job at the All-star game, sir! You deserved MVP in my book. Without you taking the walk with 2 outs, Mcann doesn’t get the at-bat where he drives you in. Without your defensive play in the 9th, who knows what happens, eh?

    You’re always heads-up in the field, and show amazing patience at the plate. 🙂

    Now do us all a favor, and kick all of your teammates in the *** for not having the passion for the game they should have!

  25. nanimal262@aol.com

    Great job Marlon!!! You truly are an All-Star!! You drew the walk, scored from 1st on McCann’s double, and got Big Papi out at 2nd in the bottom of the 9th!!! You are my MVP!!!!

  26. ninkellee@hotmail.com

    Way to take a nice long at bat and be patient. Also, epic play there in the 9th.

    Marlon, thank you for always smiling and hustling.

    And congrats on being an all-star!

    Kellee from Orlando

  27. egerdes@experimentalfiction.com

    I agree with eagleeye1975, Marlon! Great job! You made us all proud! Without your walk, it was unlikely that the second run would have scored from first. And then that play in the 9th was awesome! That’s an MVP performance! Awesome! I agree with you, man. Let’s keep the faith! We can still do this! I am so very glad that you are with the Cubs this year. Your hard work is an inspiration! And you deserve all the accolades you are getting. It’s good to see your attitude rubbing off on some of your teammates. Ramirez’s average just went up 30 points in a week. I think you guys are just about to run on all cylinders. I can’t wait for the second half. Hey ho, let’s go!

  28. ivynbrix

    You are all that is good about baseball, a real player. Thanx for the ray of sunshine, you deserved to be an all star

  29. joeyvalentine

    I give thanks that you are a Cub now. I hope it lasts for the rest of your career. You are a breath of fresh air as was Ernie (let’s play two today!) Banks. You both played hard and for the love of the game. Your spirit is infectuous and I hope the rest of the players all catch the “infection”. Keep up the great work. As a Cub fan for more than 70 years and someone who has played the game as a kid, through high school and college, then in the Army, and as a semi-pro in Chicagoland many moons ago I know the feeling of enjoyment that is the game! I love your spirit and your honest smile! Go team!!

  30. bjarno@mclib.org

    Thank you Mr. Byrd for your wonderful showing at the All Star Game. Your hustle and infectious smile just made me love the game of baseball more than ever last night! I am proud to be a baseball fan, a cub fan and a Marlon Byrd fan. Go NL!!!!!

  31. cgrimando225@yahoo.com

    Congratulations on your spot for the All Star Game. I voted for you many times, because you are constantly going out there and giving your best. You bring good energy to the fans and clubhouse, and not to mention make some unbelievable plays. You played an amazing game last night and I was so happy you were apart of the 2010 All Star team that broke the NL losing streak. I wish you all the best in your career and I look forward to watching you and the Cubs play as the Season continues.

  32. mcreech.cowherd@d131.org

    Marlon, when I saw coach was sending you in at the All Star game I said to myself, OK, now something will happen, Marlon is in!! And sure enough, something happened!! I love to watch the energy you bring to the game. It is so refreshing to watch the positive vibe after some of the negativity of some past and current players. This is how they taught us to play in all our early sporting experiences, do your best, keep trying, and stay positive!! We love you, Marlon, and we love to watch you. You are Cubbie Blue forever!!

  33. veteransforthegood

    also please forward autograph pix for collection at office
    all the best respectfully
    cal shummon u.s.n.r.r
    fmr AA cubbie 1972
    p.o. box 346177
    chicago,illinois 60634

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