6/27 Don’t count us out

Silva was on a team in 2006 with the Twins that was 14 games back at the All-Star break and on the last day of the season, made the playoffs. I saw the Twins do it a couple years ago when they caught Detroit and played that extra game and ended up beating them. I saw the Phillies come back from seven games out with 17 games to go and they caught the Mets. Lou’s done it. They were 14 games out and wanted to dismantle the Yankees and they ended up winning the World Series.

When you have a good team, you can’t count that team out at all. You see how everybody and every team has been playing us — they play us tough. There’s a reason. They know how good we are. We have to start believing that and get back to that feeling of knowing how good we are and having that swagger on the field. A 9 1/2-game lead, 8 1/2-game lead, 10-game lead can turn around quick. I believe we can get that down within five games by the All-Star break, we’ll be where we need to be. The second half, like everyone says, it’s 0-0 again.

— Marlon



  1. camcam216

    i really agree with byrd, this team is really good once they come together as a team, today at the sox game i saw, what should have been done and i told my dad today, im not going to count the cubs out even if they get swept today, i still believe for the 2010 cubs. im 16 and i know good teams when i see them and i know the cubs have it in them this year, once they figure out the problem with zambrano they will get that (swagg) back in them.
    go cubs go
    Chris C

  2. go1demp1go

    I am hoping Z’s outburst has brought some fire back into the team. I know Byrd has been playing with fire all season, but that can not be said for many people on the team. I have been a fan for 32 years, and I have seen the Cubs play great and not so great. However, seeing them play with such a lack of passion was really getting hard. Many times the camera shows Piniella in the dugout and it looks like he is sleeping or meditating. He is almost always sitting in the background. ———

    I know it seems everyone is mad at Z, but I am not. I have been yelling at the T.V. just like Z yelled in the dugout on Friday. The only thing is I’ve been yelling like that for months. The team can say it was the 15 minute meeting that brought some life back into the team, but I really believe it was Z. Even they have to admit is was Z, because without his outburst there would not have been a meeting. I hope they don’t punish Z too harshly for expressing his frustrations. I don’t think they were just frustrations over the 1st inning of that game, but frustrations over the entire 1st half of this season. At the beginning the bullpen was the weak link so he took one for the team and went to the bullpen–don’t forget that. Also don’t punish him by ‘putting him in the bullpen.’ That is an insult to the bullpen pitchers like Marshall. He is one of the best pitchers on the team and he is in the bullpen. He could be a starter, but we NEED his left arm in the pen. Let Z play where he can do the most good for the team, bullpen or starter doesn’t matter as long as it will help the team. ———-

    And if anyone doesn’t get a little angry and frustrated at the 1st half of the season and lack of passion then I don’t see how they can call themselves a die hard Cubs fan.

  3. svenny1511@yahoo.com

    To be completely honest Marlon i wasn’t feeling too hopeful about the rest of this year. But with an attitude like yours i now have all faith that you guys can pull it together for the rest of this year. I hope the rest of the guys have the same attitude.

  4. dntbrndpig

    I am a little tired of this team Marlon. However, I look forward to your bats and love your hussle.

    If your teammates start producing like you, we would be unstoppable.

  5. keithcub

    Hi Marlon!

    We had a great time in Seattle watching you guys play. We were close to the action out in center field on Wednesday. You’re not going to believe this, but Sean Marshall threw a ball to my brother-in-law Andy during batting practice! Don’t worry, my brother-in-law Andy made sure to yell out a loud “Thanks Sean” in appreciation. It was awesome.

    Day two didn’t go quite as well, but that was the game you WON! We dropped the ladies and kids off at the gates right at game time (we would have been early but traffice was HORRIBLE). They we went to park and had to park a mile and a half away. My brother-in-law Andy and I didn’t get into the part until the middle of the 4th. My dad didn’t get in until the 7th. It was THAT bad! Thanks for going to extras and thanks for the W. My son had a great time and he’s 1-0 now at Cubs games!

    Well, yesterday wast he big day. We had our showdown with Trinity. The unfortunate thing was that their team has been depleted by injuries. We were able to win in convincing fashion. We were fortunate enough to have both Bubba AND David so we were hitting hard and running FAST. I know you haven’t met these guys, but both David and Bubba are faster than YOU! That’s not to say it wouldn’t have been great to have you there, but I know you were busy knocking the White Sox around.

    Then, in game 2, we played West Linn and my brother-in-law’s wife Tara played second base. Maybe I should call her my wife’s sister…I guess I really should call her my sister-in-law Tara. Anyway, she had never played infield and she started a ground ball double play on her first try! You wouldn’t have believed she had never played second before. Trust me.

    Well, Marlon, my brother-in-law Andy has kind of thrown in the towel on the post season and I am reading your optimism above, but I have to agree with him. It’s just not that exciting right now. How can Tyler Colvin, a part-time player until Steve Stone finally set the record straight, be tied for the team lead in home runs? I hope for the best, but I fear the worst. That World Cup stuff is pretty rad and Cup is a lot like Cub. My son’s flag in kindergarten this year was Argentina, so we are Argentines now that the US is out. Go world!


  6. thegoodbygirl@gmail.com

    Hey Marlon!

    I just want to let you know how much Cubs fans appreciate your positive attitude and constant hustle. You always come to the game ready to play, and that means so much to us.

    Thank you thank you thank you…and GO CUBBIES!!

  7. spaceballs

    Marlon: Great having you as a cub, you’re the true definition of all-around ballplayer. I hope you can land on a competitive team sooner or later.
    Keithman: WTF?

  8. deiradinn

    Ahh, those hopeful Cubs… it’s fun to hear this over and over. My blog is all about the Cardinals so of course stuff that happens to the Cubs are noted because they’re the Cardinals rivals. I feel sorry for anyone who plays for them, and it was the team that basically killed Nomar lol.

    Visit my blog for Cardinals posts and around MLB each night.


  9. rhodey03


    You are a fantastic ball player. I appreciate how you give your all on every play. I also really enjoy reading your blog. It is always on point, and concentrates on the issues the team is having. Unfortunately I cannot agree with you in this respect. The team this year is done, and I think most of the team knows it, Lou knows it, and the fans know it. The players got no heart. Most of them to me it seems don’t care a whole lot. They go out, make an error, go 0-4, collect their paycheck, and then go home. It’s brutal to watch. If there were more players that cared I think a turn around would be possible, but there isn’t. Keep up the good work on the field Marlon, and thanks for the blog. I will continue to read it.

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