7/15 All-Star memories

The All-Star Game was unbelievable. A couple lockers down from me was Albert Pujols, right around the corner, Chris Carpenter, Roy Halladay, Ubaldo Jimenez, the Great One. The whole experience was unbelievable. I think what really capped it off was after I made that throw, after the game, having the other All-Star outfielders come up to me and say that was a heck of a play. You go out there and just try to execute and play hard. It’s the All-Star Game, and being recognized by your peers, them voting me in, and at the same time, great play, and you start realizing, “Hey, I can play this game a little bit.”

I’m the guy who flies under the radar, I try to do small things to help the team. My defense has kept me in the game. The walk to keep the game going to let the MVP, Brian McCann, come through, just little things like that, it was fun. I was really glad I was part of it.

— Marlon


  1. keithcub

    Hi Marlon!

    First and foremost, you were the story of the All-Star Game! I mean the broadcasters told your story, you came through and scored the third run…and everybody that’s anybody was talking about that throw to get Big Poppy out at the water cooler on Wednesday morning! I know it’s spelled “Big Papi” but writing it that way makes it easier for me to deliver my next line. I’ll give you ten bucks if the next time you see him you call him “Big Poopy”!!!! I will too. Just let me know.

    Let me tell you a little story, Marlon. I decided to show the kind of hustle you’re known for on Saturday…I know it’s confusing but our church league softball team had a game on Saturday last week to make up a game we missed due to inclement weather a few weeks ago on a Sunday. I know we usually only play Sundays, but this was an exception! So, anyway, there I am rounding first after a hit to right field and I don’t know if the runner in front of me is going to third or not. Turns out he was so I head over to second, but they decided to try to get ME out! I had to slide Marlon, it was that or be out. I slid and we don’t play on really nice dirt like you do. I imagine that Major League Dirt comes from heavenly clouds, but the stuff we play on comes from a concrete factory out in Jersey. Then they take some drying compound that’s nothing more than sharp gravel capable of embedding itself deep into your dermis and lay it over the top. Anyway, Marlon, I left some skin on the field there that day. What? What’s that you say? Oh yeah, Marlon, I was safe…and we won. We’re starting to gel…like Ma-gel.

    SOOOOOOOOOO…I have to coach this Sunday because my brother-in-law Andy is out traipsing across the midwest to visit his family. He just posted a picture on Facebook of some sweet Rex Kwondo pants he saw at a store. You midwesterners are CRAZAYYYY! You wouldn’t remember because you were busy tearing it up in Texas, but Mr. T rocked some Rex Kwondos when he sang at Wrigley last year. The raddest part of my ensemble right now is an Ace bandage to cover up my oozing leg wound.

    My brother-in-law Andy also posted a picture on Facebook of my sister-in-law Tara and their two kids (my niece and nephew…names withheld) as they were getting on the plane. It said something like “there’s nothing like flying with two toddlers” and I said something like “sure there is, how about juggling cats?” Oh man, that’s something, isn’t it? Juggling cats!

    Well, Marlon…I hope you find happiness. You seem like a good dude and the Lord has plenty of work left for you. Remember, when you’re in shorts on hardpan, don’t slide. Just take the out. What am I saying? You don’t have that kind of quit in you! Keep on rockin! BOOYAH!


  2. jewels00550@aol.com

    God bless you Marlon!!! You always seem to play your heart out in any game you play…thank you for representing the Chicago Cubs!! You made this die-hard Cubs fan proud!!

  3. reaper300

    That was a hellluva play Marlon. Also, great AB working an 0-2 count into a walk that set the table for McCann’s double. It’s great to have you as a Cub. I’m looking forward to you guys running down that clown Votto and the Reds in the second half.

  4. tennesseecub

    Marlon……well done, well done indeed! Are you having as much fun as you appear to be? It’s a joy to watch you play the game.

  5. ellier

    Thank God for Marlon Byrd. You have been a bright spot in an otherwise bad season. Maybe the rest are finally going to follow. Keep up the good work. Forget Joey Votto. He is just a jerk!

  6. byrdmantoo

    I enjoyed the All Star Game immensely, especially when you got your chance to play. I will long remember the 0-2 walk, the THROW from right, and even your smiles in your last at bat when you got the pitcher to smile when he realized you weren’t going to swing at his low garbage. Doesn’t matter that you struck out. Showing how much you love the GAME and love playing in it every second, that was truly inspirational. Thank you Marlon for playing the way you do and thank you for the memories.

  7. bhall1908


    As another poster pointed out, you have been the bright spot in an, otherwise, disappointing season. The great AB and the heads-up play on the throw from RF are typical of the way you’ve played all season. It’s refreshing to see someone in a Cub uniform playing the game the “right way”.

    Thanks, and have a great second half!!

  8. kakelace

    Thank you for being the class act for the Cubs. Even with this season how it is, it always seems like you’re smiling and having fun (I’d be smiling all the time too if I got to play for the Cubs) and that’s how it should be. Like when you were at the plate against Jose Valverde in Anaheim, even the broadcasters made a note of the smiling.
    It’s easy to give the MVP to the guy who gets the hit to drive in the runs but if you wouldn’t have worked that count into a walk the runs may have never scored. Plus, that play in right was an MVP moment because to me that killed any rally the American League was building upon.
    Good luck the rest of the year, have fun, and we (the fans) will always have your back even after your playing days are done on the Northside.

  9. iamme


    While the play to throw out Ortiz was a huge deal, that wasn’t your best play of the game. Your best play, in my opinion, was the key play of the game overall. It was that walk you took in the top of the 7th… coming back from being down 0-2, fouling off pitch after pitch after pitch, and eventually getting on base. Most All Stars would have simply shrugged it off had they managed to strike out after starting off the AB that way. You, however, fought long and hard enough to get on base which way you could. Doing that kept the inning going, loading the bases with 2 outs. Of course, 2 pitches later McCann brought everyone home…. including you… hustling around third.
    I’ve come to love watching you play. Each time I see you hustling and bustling around the bases or to make a big play in CF, I say “Byrdman’s flyin”.
    It is the small things you do that help the team most, and they amplify the big things you do. Keep up the incredible work, Byrdman!

  10. pwinn517@aol.com

    First of all, you made all of us Cub fans very proud on the All Start field. You represented us well! We are so glad you are part of the Cubs team!
    Secondly, your love of the game, your ability to bring your teammates together is what makes you the player I hope all little leaguers look up to.
    Keep doing what you do Marlon. We love to watch you play!

    Patty Winn
    Taylorville, IL

  11. dfagen2@yahoo.com

    Thanks so much for representing our team and our city with such class and spirit! You made me proud on Tuesday to be a Cubs fan. You will see in the future that you will have become a legend in this city to a greater or lesser degree, for playing the game the way the fans want to see it played. Thanks for helping to make baseball the great game that it really is.

  12. byrdfan97

    Right now, as a Cubby, your are my favorite player. You have a .300+ AVG. You have some of the most hits in the NL. You are by far one of (if not the best) fielders at Wrigley. I’ve seen your performances this year, and i gotta say, I’m so glad you came here to boost our team. You are definitely All-Star material. And when you threw out Big Papi all the way from right field, I was not at all surprised. I may be some kid from Nebraska, but I will go with the Cubs all the way to the ends of the earth because of players like yourself. Congratulations, man!


  13. rhodey03

    It was great to watch you put just as mmuch heart into the All-Star game as you do any other. Even though, the Cubs will most likely not need to worry about home field advantage because we probably aren’t going to the playoffs. I hope that whatever team does represent the NL in the World Series (hopefully not the Cardinals) will remember you’re walk to set up the 3 run double and your fantastic play to nail Ortiz in the 9th as the reason they get the home field in the Series. You are a great player and a hard worker, both are appreciated by this fan, and from what I read, ALL Cubs fans. Keep it up Marlon, we love having you!


  14. trax

    Marlon you went out there at the AS game and made every die hard Cubs fan proud, it felt so good to see what was undoubtedly the defensive play of the game to be made by a player in a Cubs uniform, I think this is just the first of many AS appearances for you.

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