5/4 Swagger

I love playing the Reds. I don’t know how people will take this but I love their swagger. I love the way they play. I love how they go out there and they feel like they’re the best team. They’re the defending Central champs but at the same time, I feel we can match their swagger. My boy, Brandon Phillips, I love the way he plays, I love what he brings. A lot of people think it’s over the top but that’s the way your team is and it helps you win then so be it. That’s the way you should be. That’s one thing I remember talking to a lot of guys in Texas when I was there is having that team swagger and not worrying about what other teams are thinking — it’s about what you’re doing and winning games. I feel if we can get that feeling over here, teams start see us having fun, sort of like what I do after I catch balls. I give my salute to Soriano, I give my salute to Fukudome after outs. I’m having fun out there. I think if we get to the point where we’re just having nothing but fun out there, I don’t think there’s a team out there that can beat us. It doesn’t matter who it is — St. Louis, Cincinnati — they won’t be able to play with us. We have to get to that point. At the same time, with swagger comes winning. It’s hand in hand. With winning comes swagger. Until we start winning, it’s hard to walk that walk and talk that talk. These series are going to be big. It’s going to be a battle.

— Marlon


  1. Robert Ernster

    I too think you are part of a team that can win big time. You, Mr. Byrd, may be able to do the swagger without it turning to bragging? But, I doubt the majority of your teammates can. When it turns to bragging, you, as a team, will start losing again. So, I hope you and the team develop the self-confidence to win big time without the need of the swagger.

  2. Justin M

    Marlon –

    Watching you have fun makes watching the cubs fun. I know I’m not the only fan and I hope you know the fans gotta appreciate the hustle you put in man, so I just wanted to say thank you. Keep it up, and it’s clear your tutorship has had an impact with Barney, another outstanding attitude on the team.

    I’ll be in chi-town june 13th and can’t wait. Go Cubs.

  3. Tyler

    Perfectly said marlon. And we enjoy what you bring to this team, and it is not only the stats. Your a mentor to the young players, a great example, a good hitter, fielder and like you said you have fun. You deserved that all star nomination last season and its good to have you on this team!

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  5. BrBaldwin

    F-in right Mr. Byrd. I think that swagger is one of the intangibles you help bring to this team in a big way. And way to knock off the Dodgers. You guys are really coming together. Go Cubs Go.

  6. J.R.

    Hi Marlon i hope we can at least win this series, but first we need some run support for Garza to claim the first game of the series, then more support Coleman and Russell if Quade decide to put them in………

  7. BER

    Brandon Phillips…I remember when he came up in Cleveland with the Tribe!! He called himself “the franchise”…what a joke!!!

  8. Walt Rowland

    I am a big fan of swagger when it’s being backed up. It’s hard to imagine the Cubs being able to have any swagger when:
    A. routine plays are constantly botched in the field.
    B. the club is as bad as it is with runners in scoring position.
    C. the club refuses to steal bases and play fundamental baseball like the Cards or Reds on the division.
    Beat the Reds this weekend, the Cards after. Kick their asses. Then we’ll talk.

  9. Cappsports

    Hi, marlon
    I am from Slovenia and I am professional handicapper and I analyse every your game based on statistical facts – I am not involved with my feelings. I see some things, that your coach maybe does not see. You have in your lineup Soriano, who is the best HR hitter in the league right now. Why he does not play on the third spot? This is like putting Pujols on the 7th spot or something. I know Soriano is just .250 but he has some power and I think 3rd or 4th will be the best for your club. We all know that your club is one of the worst running team, but ok, this is not so bad because you have some power potential, but your manager has to make some rotation in the lineup, because you have good avg and you left to many on bases.
    It is just friendly advice, I see a lot of potential in your team and I wish you good luck!

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