4/23 The three hole

Everybody wants to talk about the three-hole. My take on it is, Mike Quade’s the manager and he makes the decision. Who he wants in the three-hole is who’s going to be there. I’ll do anything to help this team. If the team is better off with Starlin in the three-hole, that’s fine with me. If they want me in the three-hole, same thing. You have to hit in this game to stay in the top spot and the hot spot. You have to go with the hot hand. Is Starlin ready? I believe so. But at the same time, I’m a male, I have my ego, and I want to do whatever I can to stay in the three-hole. The lineup is going to go back and forth. I have to do a better job of making Quade’s job easier. Starlin is doing the job he’s doing in the one spot, Barney is doing the job he’s doing in the two spot, I have to make sure I do my job, and then one, two, three, four stays solidified. Again, you have to go with the guy who’s doing the job and driving in runs, which is Starlin. A lot of people comment about it but it doesn’t bother me. I know the job I have to do. Everything I’ve done last year, what people really don’t know is last year was the first year I really started off hot. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes you lose your swing and you have to find it. I’m going to keep battling. When September comes, I’ll be exactly where I need to be, whether it’s three, six or wherever that is.

— Marlon


There is no harder worker and team player than Byrd.

Marlon, we love you no matter where you bat. BYRD’S THE WORD!

Marlon, I really enjoy your attitude and work ethic. It’s a joy to watch someone play the game like they love it. I know you’ll get your hits. Keep after it man, All of that hard work will pay off. GO CUBBIES!!

I’m excited about this year’s team. You guys get Wells and Cash healty. Get Dempster to right the ship a little. And ya’ll keep swinging the bats the way you have and you’ll eventually got on a couple nice winning streaks. You guys will make a run before the summer’s over. I’ll be watching the whole way. Best of luck!

Marlon, keep up the great attitude, effort, and hustle. I love watching you play the game, you play it the right way, and I’m glad you’re a Cub and hope you stay one. Keep hitting the ball, stay positive, and bring us home a championship.

Byrd I totally agree. Keep up the great work.

go get ’em Marlon!
Love your attitude and I am glad you are a Cub.
My sons (3) love to watch you hustle.
Thanks for getting after it every single inning of every game!

you’ll come around. Find out what’s beating you then beat that, that’s something you’ve always been good at. It’s good you aren’t letting your ego get in the way of things, that’s the unraveling of many ballplayers and people in general.

Starlins best fit for the leadoff spot. Keep battling Byrd, we need you at the 3rd spot

I have great admiration for the way you play (Marlon Byrd) and I hope all your teammates follow your lead. I think Castro and Barney exhibit the same focus and effort. If all the team plays that way, there is no reason to believe the Cubs can’t win it all! Stay focused!

Hang in there Marlon. I was excited to see you join our team last year. You are a burst of energy that the Cubs need. I love that you still hustle to first even though we might be down and out in a game. Keep up the hard work and persistence. The Cubs need leaders like you. We have some great young talent and they need guys like you to set standards of how the game should be played. Your philosophy shows when you play…HUSTLE!

thx Marlin, you truly are a class act.

I’m not worried at all about Byrd. He went through a little stretch where he was down, but it’s just April. And, we’ve faced some tough pitching and some tough weather days too. Anyway, he seems to be coming out of it, and I’d rather be up and down than just down. Still one of my favorite players and one I enjoy cheering for. Go Cubs and go Byrd man!

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i have an idea why dont they keep castro battin third and move marlin byrd to the leadoff spot he is a guy with high batting average ,with desent speed so that be nice this would be my line up 1.CF:Marlyn Byrd,2.2B:Darwin Barney, 3.SS:Stralin Castro, 4.3B:Aramis Ramirez, 5.1B:Carlos Pena ,6.LF:Alfonso Soriano, 7.RF:Tyler Colvin, 8.C:Geovanny Soto ,9.Pitcher/ DH: Kouske Fukudome

That was well said!!!!

I wish the whole team played the game the way you do… and had your attitude, you got Barney and Starlin playing like you do and it shows… you can hit and drive in runs, right now the ball is not finding the hole, but the worm will turn……you will see the ball hit the bat and the ball will start finding the holes…

Marlon,thank you for your’e honest response on hitting in the three hole. I for one did not think you looked comfortable there. It has been mentioned that you seem to do better at leadoff or in the six or seven slot. I have not been one of the people who have been in your’e corner because of the three spot. Your’e post has changed my mind about you for the better. I know you are trying and will always do the best that you can. As you are a team player and will do what you are told therin lies the problem for me. I believe the manager is responsible for these decisions and that he should have been more observant on where you should hit in the lineup,so I actually do not blame you. Been a Cub fan since 1939 and have seen a lot transpire there and do enjoy the Cubs. And if everyone hustled the way you do we would be a lot better off.

Well said, Marlon. I know it must be frustrating to not see the results you want at the plate, but you’re hard-working, a great influence on the team, and you have the skills to dominate at the plate and help the Cubs win it all. I, like many of my other rabid Cub fan friends, believe in your abilities and have the patience to support you as you find your swing.

And, like you said, it’s a team sport. People get hung up on blaming individual players or decisions in a game, but in the end it’s all about how the team plays together. I’ve always thought that your influence on the team is one of your greatest strengths, and in that regard you’re batting 1.000.

Godspeed and kick some Rockie a$$ tonight!


you just keep on keepin on Marlon!! You have such heart and hussle.. the rest will come! And has already started! You are a tremendous asset to our CUBS and I for one LOVE watching you play!! Cant wait to see you when you play in Pittsburgh (closer and easier for us to get to!) Best of luck for the rest of the season!!

Castro Barney and anyone in the three hole have been an offensive jugernaught for the last week to 10 days. WHY CHANGE IT???? Castro has gone 0-fer since being moved to the 3 hole. Don’t fix itunless it is broken!!

Thats why i like the byrd man hes always positve never negitve . plays for the fans and the heart ,love of the game . no matter what situaion hes in he gets it done . if theres one player i would hang around it would be him

Takes responsibility for his position and is driven to deliver. I like Marlon Byrd!

I think you are great, and your bat will come around. It has been fun watching the Cubs so far – hope to have more games like the Saturday game (4/23) – that was great.

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Any insight on your part into why Carlos Pena is struggling so much this month? I did like what you put about wanting to do whatever you can to help the ball club. That is a great attitude and we need more of it on the Cubs. Thanks.

Hey, batting @ .295 right now aint bad at all Marlon. You always get hot when the sun comes out, we will be watching & rooting you on all the way. I read the story about what you went through @ Georgia Tech and it is amazing what you have been able to accomplish and fight through in life. You are one of the toughest guys out there. Keep trucking and being an inspiration to all of us! And do us a favor, when you see Castro and Barney out there on the base paths, hit a dinger and make them sprint around the bases! Give the Rooks a hard time, always!

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