10/3 It’s a wrap

Everyone sees what Q’s done. He’s done an unbelievable job. We played hard for him — he made it easy for us to play hard for him. Following a legend and an icon is not an easy thing to do and he did it very well. I don’t know if he’ll be here next year, but the way we played will make it tough on Jim — actually, it’s a good thing to make it tough on Jim, because he has a lot of quality guys to interview. We took a step forward at the end of the season. It’s all about development — guys getting better, work their butts off this offseason and get stronger, better, faster and up their baseball IQ and we’re going to be fine.

— Marlon


  1. cublove1749@yahoo.com

    Thanks for the season Marlon! You’ve been one of the best additions to the Cubs in many years. I look foreword to more of those highlight catches of yours in the spring.

  2. cublove1749@yahoo.com

    Thanks for the season Marlon! You’re one of the best additions to the Cubs in many years. Looking forward to more of your highlight reel catches in the spring!

  3. diehardcubsfan4ever

    I think everyone agrees that Mike Quade has done an exceptional job turning the club around. It was fun watching the last couple months. Quade has indeed proven that he can manage and manage exceptionally well. He wasn’t on anyone’s shortlist but he definitely is now. He deserves alot of credit. The entire team deserves alot of credit for finishing so strongly. The Cubs were amazing down the stretch. I tip my hat to all of you. The Cubs have shown a great deal of heart that will surely carry over into next season. The Cubs were playing like playoff contenders. I, for one, have been impressed. Thank you, Marlon Byrd for the great year and providing leadership where there was none before. Your hustle, determination, and extraordinary effort exemplifies the characteristics of a champion. You are my MVP! We look forward to having you back next season. Next year will be a different story, one with a happy ending I hope! Thanks again!

  4. stelmodad

    Simply put, this was a rough year as a Cubs fan, but through it I learned a lot about what I enjoy about baseball and being a fan of the sport and this team.

    What I saw you all accomplish this season was amazing. You took what was a rough start that naturally worked itself into vented emotions and strained relationships and moved past it. Ending with a run that rivaled most teams in baseball. Kudos to you veterans for finishing strong when there didn’t seem much to be finishing for and kudos to the organization for bringing up some of the best prospects I’ve seen this organization develop in some time.

    Have a good off-season. I for certain am looking forward to what next season has in store.

  5. fortwaynecubfan

    Thanks for the hustle and grit Marlon. Your positive attitude and work ethic is inspiring. Looking forward to next year.

  6. abqcubsfan

    Marlon, thanks for the way you played…you are a great addition to the team! I sure hope Quade comes back next year as the manager, sounds like the players respect him, and he certainly understands baseball…Here’s to 2011!

  7. keithcub

    Hi Marlon!

    I hope this isn’t “good-bye”, Marlon. I feel like we’ve really had some times on your blog and I’d hate if you weren’t writing next year. It’s gonna be a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong off season and I, for one, could use the rest.

    Let’s recap, Marlon. You signed over from the Rangers and my brother-in-law Andy thought you were overpaid for one good year in Texas. You have to understand that he’s been burned by Milton Bradley before, though he was also pleasantly surprised by Mark DeRosa so who knows what he was thinking, right? He does. Oh, Jesus does too, Marlon…the guy’s a pastor after all.

    So my brother-in-law Andy came around on you quick. He could see it. He watches every game until you’re mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. He knows you play hard and he appreciates it.

    So then my sister-in-law Tara realy stepped her game up and started making catches seem routine in the outfield. Then she stepped up and started making plays at second base! It was really something to see. Then we beat a depleted Trinity team and then we were beaten by Trinity. I got grump, Marlon and then we played in the end of the year tounament. We lost to the some good Christians, but it still stung. I made a great catch though!

    Now we have one fall game left. We’re called the Ghost Runners and we’re having fun. We really slaughtered the Liberty team last night (who needs freedom anyway? Kidding)> Well, an errant through by their fowl-mouthed shortstop (just kidding, I wanted you to think about his swearing like Donald Duck), hit my wife’s car (I had parked it in a precarious spot). Big ole dent, Marlon.

    We still have room for you next week. 9:30 at Delta Park. Be 10 minutes early. Also, I still owe my brother-in-law Andy a Chipotle Burrito for his home run. Don’t worry, I’m good for it.

    Here’s what the Cubs need to do to win next year: They need to FIRE JIM HENDRY YESTERDAY. Then they can start to build a team the right way. Now that the team has been partially dismantled I’m not sure where to go. I’ll put some thought into it and we can chat about it later.

    Have a great off-season and I’ll see you at the softball game next Monday! Remember: 9:30pm at Delta Park in Portland.


  8. lmhieser@gmail.com

    Hoping Quade will be back as manager too. Glad the season ended well and glad to have you on the team.

    Thanks for the posts, keep them coming. And enjoy your break.

  9. prhsr

    Marlon, I’m a bit late with this but I need to say it anyway. THANK YOU for all the hustle, positives along the way and never quitting. You are a true professional who obviously loves the game and exudes tons of pride in how you play. I prided myself in knowing a lot about baseball and all it’s players. Somehow, Marlon Byrd slipped, as you say; “under the radar”. You might not be a Hall of Famer – but, you ARE one hack of a good Baseball Player. Thank you.

  10. hustlelikereed

    Thanks Marlon… if only you could get your hustle to rub off on those around you. A great season, and I hope you are back next year.

    You truly huslelikereed.

  11. indiehardcubfan

    indiehardcubfan- I admired your hustle, work ethic, and great catches, but I thought we got you primarily for rbi’s and home runs. Your numbers are down significatly from your last year at Texas. I am Sorry, no offense, but I wanted to trade you for a

    top notch right handed set up man. Tyler Colvin needs to play everyday. he had more home runs than you did as a part time player. My Best of LUCK TO YOU!! Sincerely DL in IND.

  12. indiehardcubfan

    you are over rating his performance. his offensive numbers at the end of the season are not what the cubs we hoping for. rbi’s and home runs. I Wish you the best of luck next year. sincerely, IDIEHARDCUBFAN


  13. cubbies97

    I hope you and Castro, Colvin, Geo, and a lot of other young guys will get a lot of playing time in 2011. It’s key players and X-factors like you that make a team good.

  14. thegreatleapback@sbcglobal.net

    Byrd, Byrd is the word…probably too old for you remember that song. But, known-the-less; it’s true! Keep up the good work and keep changing thoses sunglasses!

    I hope you get more playing time this season – you deserve it!
    Here’s looking at you, spring training! Go out and get ’em!


  15. eastgreens_79@yahoo.com

    Marlon any chance you can call Mike Young and get him to come to Chicago? His bat would kill here. We could use him!

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