9/24 Last homestand

It wasn’t the year we wanted to have or the year that I was expecting. This team is built to win. It didn’t happen. We didn’t play the way we wanted to, didn’t play up to our capability as a team. Everyone knows that, everyone sees that. At the same time, we never gave up all year long and played hard. We had some changes at the end of the season. Lou had to go home, Quade came in and we still played hard. You can see it in our record against teams that are still in it that we do have a good team. We just showed it a little bit too late. At the same time, we’re missing Ted Lilly, we’re missing Derrek Lee, Ryan Theriot, and Mike Fontenot. We wish them well. They have a chance to play for something. I wish we could’ve done it over here. Through everything, the fans have been out every single game. It showed last night and the past three nights. The fan base here hasn’t changed. Everyone loves the Cubs. Next year, we’re going to have to figure out a way to give them something to cheer about all year long and through October. When the end of the season comes, you start thinking a little about next year, and that’s what I’m doing now.

— Marlon


The Cubs deserve alot of credit. It’s been a rough season and the team could have easily given up a long time ago. Cubs’ fans appreciate the strong finish. The kind of never-say-die attitude that the Cubs have demonstrated shows a great amount of heart which is something to build on for next season. It has been a pleasure watching this team since Mike Quade has taken over. There is definitely hope here. We (Cubs’ fans) appreciate the hard work and effort by the team as a whole. Nice turnaround! Keep up the hard work. I have a feeling next year will be a different story, one with a happy ending.

THANK YOU MARLON!! Hope to see you at the Cubs Convention in January.
Thanks for a great season, this Cubs fan appreciates all that you gave this season.

Marlon: From a Cub fan of 56 years — I think you play baseball the way it was meant to be played. I can pay no higher compliment than that. Thank you for this season. You do Cubbie blue proud.

Marlon… You are one of the best! I had a sign at the last homegame that said, “It was a Great Byrd Watching Season.” It sure was! There are some teammates that could learn a lot from you when it comes to hussle!
I wanted to thank you for the great season, the ball you threw into the bleachers and for making everyone so happy by standing out there signing after the game. You’re a class act!
See you in January at the Convention!

Hi Marlon!

Well, Marlon, this is truly amazing. This last post you put up here on your blug…that’s what they call these is blug right?…was on my wife Taela’s birthday! Yay! Yay! Yay!

So let me tell you about last night. Well, you now know my wife Taela’s birthday. Well, my sister-in-law Tara’s birthday is only 6 days before that. We didn’t really get together and do much as a family for their birthdays so my sister-in-law Tasia set up a surprise birthday party at BJ’s at 6:00 last night before our softball game for both of them. Well, I very specifically texted my sister-in-law Tasia to see if we should be a bit late to BJ’s since I was bringing one of the birthday girls. She said no, she would be there early with my mother-in-law Patti and it would be fine to get there at 6. I told her that traffic would be really bad that time of day (foreshadowing).

Well, Marlon, I had to lie to my wife. I told her that my client had given me a gift card to BJ’s and we should go eat there tonight. She bought it hook, line and stinker (stinker, ha ha). So we drive out there and we get to use the carpool lane and we’re making good time. All of a sudden I see out of the corner of my eye and blurt out “hey, a Cubs sticker”. Whoops. Then my son (name withheld) says “that looked like Grandma’s car.” Well, that’s because it was grandma’s car and my wife Taela was a bit confused by that.

Then we go up ahead, using the magic of the diamond lane, and get close to our exit. I merge over and BAM, there’s my father-in-law John in his big ole’ pickup and its huge Cubs sticker. “That’s so weird” sayeth my wife Taela. And we proceed.

Well, my wife Taela didn’t see that her dad had followed us all the way to the BJ’s parking lot. We get into the restaurant and we’re the first ones there (right on time I might add) and I don’t want to say that the reservation is under the name “Tasia” in front of my wife Taela because that would blow the surprise. So she says “table for 4” and then my father-in-law John comes in and my wife Taela says “oh, you just followed us right in, great!” and we got a table for 5. Well I can clearly see the table we have reserved but I don’t want to blow the surprise so I get up and pretend to go to the bathroom…I’m standing there at an empty table pretending to pee when…no really I went to the hostess and let her know what was going on. Then my mother-in-law Patti comes in and my wife Taela is like “wow, look, mom’s here too!” It was classic, Marlon.

Pretty soon my sister-in-law Tara and my brother-in-law Andy show up with their two kids (names withheld) and then we just have to let the cat out of the bag. Well, we let the calico kitty out and it runs out the door and then I tell Taela we are there to celebrate their birthdays. Oh, my sister-in-law Tasia? She showed up last with a bunch of balloons. We had a good time and a good meal and then it was off to softball.

Marlon, we played really well. You would have been proud of us. My sister-in-law Tara made an outstanding catch in left field. The only blemish on the whole game was that I couldn’t make an accurate throw from left center, but I’m coming back off a shoulder injury so I have that excuse. Anyway, Marlon, my brother-in-law Andy hit one to dead center that is probably still rising as I’m typing this. It was a moon shot. It broke the back of the other team. We had a bet about who would hit the first one over the fence and now I owe that scamp a burrito. It’s all in good fun though, Marlon, it’s not like I put in the time on P90X this season. I’m a lazing guy who likes to eat chips. Plus my brother-in-law Andy is a pastor so I figure I’m buying my way to heaven.

Marlon, I’m gonna miss our talks. We still have room for you the next two Mondays. It would be good to buy you a bottomless root beer at BJ’s (I’m not kidding, Marlon, their draught root beer is bottomless!). There’s a CJ’s right across the parking lot. No DJ’s though. So you know, I’m now something like 10 for 12 in fall ball (it helps when the score keeper doesn’t believe in errors). Sometimes I fart when I’m playing, do you?


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