9/4 On Quade: “He can manage”

I know there are a lot of questions about how this team is playing and how we’ve responded since Mike Quade took over. We played as hard as we could for Lou and tried to win and it didn’t work out. He had to go home for more important business to take care of his family — everybody knows that. Quade has come in and done an unbelievable job. The atmosphere is the same, we’re still playing hard, everyone is still working hard. The coaches are still going about their business but for some reason, he’s getting wins. You have to attest a little to him.

He’s doing a great job. He’s putting guys in the right position and the right spots to win and for this team to win. I guess it’s like riding a bike for him after all the years he managed in the Minors. He took over, had a little meeting, and was ready to go on Day One. He’s done a very impressive job. He can manage and does a great job. He gets guys out there prepared and ready to play. If he’s not going to be here, hopefully he is managing somewhere soon because a team needs him and deserves him.

There’s not more energy here, it’s just a more relaxed atmosphere. I’m not saying it wasn’t like that when Lou was here. Now, it’s like, “All right, what else can we do? Let’s go play baseball and have fun.” There was pressure here because we were expected to win. I don’t know if that pressure is gone, but whatever Quade is doing, you can attest the wins to him.

— Marlon


Thank you, Marlon, for setting a good example for the team. You have displayed a lot of leadership with your hustle and sense of urgency. I felt that this team lacked the energy and enthusiasm needed to win, but not Marlon Byrd, you hustle on every play and your determination is why you are an all-star. I have really enjoyed watching you play this season. Thanks!

Hi Marlon!

It’s good to hear from you again. I know that things have been chaotic since you became a Cub and I’m hoping that you’re not mad or anything. You have to understand that when you have the worst GM in baseball and a manager looking more closely at retirement than at the future it’s a recipe for disaster. The cool thing is though that some players get very very rich in the process! I mean, I have to go to work every weekday for the next few decades and you can just play ball and chill for the rest of your life! (as long as you don’t go all MC Hammer on your bankroll).

Well, the Ghost Runners haven’t had a game for two weeks because of Labor Day. We play tonight. My shoulder is really aching and I don’t think I can throw with my right hand. I might be throwing southpaw tonight, Marlon! Isn’t it funny that righties have “hands” and lefties have “paws”. I think it means that all lefties are dogs, but I’m not really positive about that. I guess the guys in the bullpen have hooves? I’m kidding Marlon, I’m kidding.

I’m not a racist, Marlon, but I’ll tell you this: I like doing things faster than other people and if I happen to yell “I win” all day long when I do things faster than others then you can call me racist all day. It’s all about the gold medal, buddy.

I’m also not a sexist, but that doesn’t mean I’m celibate. I’m sure not out there with Kool and the Gang singing “Celibate good times, come on!”

I noticed that you haven’t yet given a shout out to my Brother-in-law Andy or my Sister-in-law Tara in any of your blogs. I think you should do that before the season ends. If you choose not to then we might become Cardinal fans next year. That’s a bluff, Marlon. The Cardinals can stuff it like Lindsay Jackson’s bra in 7th grade. That was the rumor (you gotta have disclaimers, Marlon).

Well, my man, keep up the good work and next year I hope I can quit weeping every time I watch a game. It’s not what you think. I don’t cry…my wounds from sliding on the softball field weep this oozey pus all over the place and I have to bandage them so I don’t leak all over the couch.


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