8/27 The Reds & “Q”

We’re going to try to do the same thing against the Reds that we did in St. Louis, which is play well. We’re playing a contending team and we want to keep the streak going and try to win a series. Quade’s doing a good job, everyone’s still playing hard, as we’ve been doing all year long. The bullpen has been shutting guys down like we need and we’re scoring enough runs for the starting pitchers. We’ve got a Reds team, they might like us as players, but I think every team in the Central loves to beat the Cubs and they’re one of them. We can play the role of spoilers and make it tight for this Central race. Let’s see if we can win a couple here and let St. Louis gain some ground, and, at the same time, killing two birds with one stone, we play well. We’re trying to finish up strong. It’s a nice atmosphere in here when we’re winning.

It’s just a different voice with “Q.” Sometimes change is good for a team. At the same time, we lost a legend. It’s got to be tough on “Q.” It’s just something where I don’t know if it shocks players when you see a guy like Lou leave. Older guys have seen it. Young guys, it might be a little shock to their system. “Q” brings energy that he’s brung all year long. It’s just a different voice, and I think it’s showing in how we’re playing.

— Marlon


  1. nichma

    Hey Marlon,

    Would you be happy if you won gold glove in CF…because you sure deserve it. You made 2 nice plays yesterday, but was not surprise. I’m like, it’s to Marlon, he has it…no wonder every player likes you and fans get on your back.

    Your a fan favorite, you hustle like you sprinting for a gold medal and is good in the clubhouse.

    If you don’t win it, it’s so rigged and should be change. I say you should have GG in the bag.


  2. keithcub

    Hi Marlon!

    Okay buddy, here’s the real deal right here. We went out and played our first fall ball game of the season last night. Ghost Runners in action. Brett hit a game-tying 2-out 3-run homer with just seconds left on the clock…seconds left on the clock? Listen Marlon, this league is all about a time limit, a run line instead of home plate and starting with a 1-1 count on the batter. It’s codified to be modified. Yo.

    So it turns out that my brother-in-law Andy got to the store and they didn’t have any of the good softballs left so he had to buy the Worth balls. That’s a brand name, Marlon. Well, those balls were, in the words of the umpire, “Worth-less”. It was like hitting a marshmallow…SEGUE!

    I was in another golf tourney on Sunday and won my second consecutive marshmallow long drive! I mean, I crushed this mallow and took home an $80 bottle of wine. I gave it to my manager because he’s always paying for stuff.

    But I digress, Marlon. I had to go to the umpire mid-game and get a new ball thrown into the game because the Worth ball was lop-sided. I probably did it because I’m a masher….more like mashed potato! Anyway, the point is that I’m banana arms and my sister-in-law Tara is lipstick arms and Dean is a pretty good pitcher and we tied and I’m all bruised up because I dove and then slid on consecutive plays and I’m not complaining because I love it! Oh my gosh, Marlon, I almost forgot. The team we, the Ghost Runners, played against last night? “Marlins Will Soar”. They must be big fans of you or big fish. You’re kind of a big fish though, Marlon.

    Here’s a link to our league standings so you can follow us like we follow you. Maybe you can come out and sub for my brother-in-law Andy when he’s out pastoring some time. It’s a lot of fun and you can play whatever position you want because you’re a major leaguer.


    Crap, Marlon, sitting here typing this I let my band aid seep through to my work pants. Now I have to get them dry cleaned. You owe me!


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