5/16 Sunday’s secret weapon: Yoshi

Last year, they wanted Yoshi [Nakazawa] to be the bat boy, and I know he’s undefeated. I don’t know how many wins he had but I know he’s undefeated. We begged him today. He saw that we were in need so he did it. We always need a lttle luck on our side. It seems like he brought it. I think he has a new job — massage/bat boy/everything else.

It’s just great to get a win, great to get good pitching and get timely hitting and have something go our way. The Pirates, they played great. Defensively, they had four web gems in the game. If we keep playing like this, like I’ve said over and over again, we’re going to be fine and start winning series and we’re going to take off and catch up to whoever’s in first in the Central.

— Marlon


I must admit its been pretty rough watching you guys play the last few games. For the first time I went to 2 games in one week and both games were lost. Thankfully we came away with the win today. Go cubbies!

I thought the cubs were going to lose, but they didn’t. From now on they are going to start winning. GO CUBS!!!!!

I think for the first time in a while we have a balanced lineup from both sides and some quality pitching depth. Not to mention good hitters off the bench. Championship teams always have someone unexpected step up and we have several who are primed and ready. X started it last night. D Lee and ARam will heat up and its going to be a fun summer and fall at Wrigley, and on the road. Keep trucking boys!

Hey Marlon just leaving another comment for you…people around Wrigley are starting to think what ive been thinking for awhile now and that is someone who leaves it all out on the field like you will have an impact on every game and lead to winning…I cant wait to play philly and st. lou so we can start beating quality teams in the NL…I hope D-Lee and A-Ram come around…please keep preaching hustle in the clubhouse because the hard work will pay off, it always does. Thank you again and stick it to the Rox tonight….
Go Cubs Go


You are THE MAN. Last night you came into that game against the rockies and even though you didn’t get a hit you made that spectacular catch that – let’s just admit it – saved the game. You knew that ball was the game and went balls-out to make the grab. Awesome. Even when you don’t get a hit, which is seldom, you find a way to do something good for the team. If you don’t make the all-star team it’s a crime. Keep up the great work.

Hi Marlon!

Way to be Rad! Not like a dorky guy named “Brad”, but like a guy that helps his team every way he can!

My brother-in-law, Andy, has really come around. He was like “yeah, I wish Marlon Byrd could play in our church league softball games” and I said “too bad he’s busy helping the Cubs turn this stinky start around!”

I hope my brother-in-law, Andy, can convince Bud Selig to allow 4 outfielders at once like we have in the church softball league because it’s a shame you can’t have YOU (Marlon), Soriano, Fukudome and Colvin all playing at once. Now THAT would be RAD!

Remember, no matter how bad things get…you’re still filthy rich, man!


This is how much I love Marlon Byrd:

Hi Marlon,
I was at the April 30 game in Wrigley, and a couple of things I noticed:
(1) That liner you hit onto Waveland in the bottom of the eighth went 461 feet according to HitTracker.com
(2) It was kind of wild that the seagulls landed in the outfield when you entered the game in center in the top of the eighth, then left when you came in to bat, and then again landed on the field when you went back out for the top of the ninth. How did they know your name is Byrd?
Anyway, that was my first game in Wrigley and I just wanted to thank you for making it the most entertaining baseball experience I’ve ever had.


Sure was great to see you guys take a series from the Rangers!

As a player when your going through a rough patch and the noises are in the head, what do you do to get throught it. i heard something simple as changing your diet works(many pro athletes swear by this)

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