5/9 “We have to play better”

We haven’t put it together yet. This team, on paper, is a very good team but that goes all away once the season starts. We have to start playing better. It just hasn’t come together where you’ve got pitching, defense, timely hitting for a whole series, back to back series, over and over again. When we’re home, we’re doing well. On the road, we’ve just lost it. We have to figure out a way to get back on track and quick.

— Marlon


  1. twelve

    It is a long season and as long as you guys can keep it light and relax all should be well. I have a good feeling about this team I feel like it will come together and when it does you guys will be unstoppable.
    It still feels like there are two strike zones sometimes, but you can’t argue that can you?
    Remember Cubs Fans are more foul weather fans than fair, we will be there until the last out of the season. you guys just go out and get them tomorrow.

  2. dntbrndpig

    haha, we are more foul weather fans because we have rarely seen fair weather..

    You are right Marlon, this team DOES look good on paper. You have 7 players batting over .300! The problem is all the LOB’s and the fact we have 7 pitchers over 5.0 ERA!

    I dont want to give up hope already. I hope you guys can turn this boat around. But its getting harder and harder to keep my Cubs flag flying here in Tennessee!

    Keep up the good work. You are giving me MAJOR points on my fantasy team. 🙂

  3. cfneumann

    We were at the game Sunday in Cincinnati. The problems are not all player problems. Lou & crew need to come up to the plate and make some decisions that will improve the outcome of the games. For instance, Sean Marshall was warmed up and should have come in regardless of how great the Dempster was feeling. He already had 110+ pitches.

    As a side note, we were sitting 4 rows behind you guys. Around the 8th inning Derrek tossed a ball to my son, Noah, after I got his attention and pointed to my son. However, the fans @ GABP can get really pricky at times (this is our 5th trip there to see yous guys :D) and one of them was sitting next to Noah and basically took the ball right out of his hand when he was trying to catch it. I know this isn’t the right protocol in order to help relieve Noah’s emotional pain, but is there any way that a message can be passed to Derrek to maybe send a photo or something to Noah?

  4. cubsfanfromoc

    Chin up, Marlon. Through thick and thin, win and lose, you’ve still got a lot to be proud of, man!

    Go Cubs!

  5. keithcub

    Hi Marlon! My brother-in-law, Andy, was like “oh I can’t believe Hendry signed another guy from Texas that only had one good year there.” And I was like “no dude, I have a good feeling about this one.” And he was like “yeah, we’ll see…Milton Bradley.” I was like “that’s not fair.” Anyways, Andy is now eating crow because you’re the only consistent bat in the lineup!

    On the other hand, Andy thinks we’re making the playoffs this year and I think we’re getting high draft pick. I only draw that conclusion because I think Cubs management is the worst of any team in baseball. I like you guys as personalities on the field but this is not a well-built team. But Andy says we’re going to the playoffs and maybe, come October, I will have to eat a crow too.

    Do you like listening to music? I like Counting Crows, but I don’t like eating them.

    Thanks Marlon, you’re the man.


  6. mlbfanwi

    Marlon, You are a great player and I enjoy watching you night in and night out but this losing everynight is getting really old. Lets get this turned around!!! Day games the rest of the week. Lets hope the wind blows out and you guys can find the bleachers.

  7. sarahartburnd@yahoo.com

    If everyone on the team played with your passion and finese, we’d be in great shape. We’re SO glad to have you as a Cubbie!

  8. lrossy31

    Marlon, I am glad that you are part of this Cubs team. You do make a huge difference since you have proven to be a consistent player since day one. Also, I know almost every player in this team is a proven player in the majors and it will be awesome when you all start hitting and playing more consistent baseball and winning in bunches. Lets just remember that not all teams start winning and finish getting a spot in the playoffs. I will continue to root for you guys the same way I have done it since 1987.

  9. halibutt2@verizon.net

    M Love the way you play the game. Hustle and enthusiasm. Can’t play better than that. Pete would be proud.

  10. brixenivy7

    Marlon, i was just letting you know that im about half way there to getting your jersey. i have about 70$ saved up and once i get it im going to wear it to a game i hope i cant get there early enough to catch you to get you to sign it for me! keep up the great work and the enthusiasm….if we had a team full of Byrds we would probably never lose…i love the sense of urgency you play with and hustle… still my favorite cub this year! thank you for everything!
    Peoria, IL

  11. brixenivy7

    p.s. id rather scuffle now and come on very strong at the end when we make our push to the post season! i know youll be leading the team….thanks again!

  12. menthols

    Do you ever wake up in the morning in cold, smelly Chicago and say “Why didn’t I sign with Saint Louis?”

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