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4/2 There’s nothing like being a Cub

I’ve tried to explain to guys like Ian Stewart, David DeJesus, Chris Volstad what it’s like to play at Wrigley and to be a Cub. You come into town and love playing at Wrigley but it’s completely different when you’re an actual Cub and have 39,000 cheering for you. It takes me back to some things that Derrek Lee was telling me when I first came in about the excitement and what Billy Williams has told me — there’s nothing like being a Cub. You don’t know until you actually put the uniform on and get to run out there and hear the fans cheering out there. I was explaining how I sort of salute left center field, center field and right center field, and I told them they need to come up with a salute or something to acknowledge the bleacher bums. It’s one of those things that you can’t explain that feeling until you’re actually out there. These guys get to go through that this year.

This is going to be a hustling team. I’ve been on teams where my hustle stood out and it’s not going to stand out on this team. That’s a good thing. It shouldn’t be that way; it shouldn’t be, “That guy hustles, that guy hustles.” You should say, “Oh, my gosh, that team is always coming. The Tampa Bay Rays, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Texas Rangers, the Philadelphia Phillies are always going hard. We’re going to be that team, too.

I told those guys, being in Chicago, on and off the field, there’s nothing like it.

— Marlon