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3/9 On new OF coach Dave McKay

Dave has his style, and it makes sense why the Cardinals and the A’s were the best baserunning teams in baseball, why their outfield was fundamentally sound and they never made mistakes. Playing quality baseball is what he’s about. He simplifies everything. There’s certain things he does at first base that I’ve never heard of first base coaches doing but it makes so much sense. On singles or doubles, he’ll be in front of us instead of being out in the coaches’ box. On ground balls. we know when they’re hit to us, nobody’s on, we’re supposed to catch and throw it in. But, hey, catch it like an infielder, and not just that, let’s reinforce it, let’s work on it every single day, and that’s the first thing we do is ground balls, catch it like an infielder, catch it like an infielder. You might not see one error this year from an outfielder where the ball with nobody on base, the ball is hit right to him, regardless of the field, how fast it is, how slow it is, how much it snakes. Baserunning, hitting the base with your right foot. It’s very simple but at the same time, do you really do it? With him, its reinforcing it, doing it over and over and over again. Yesterday, I hit a pop fly and I was running around and I was caught in between and hit it with my left foot and I ran by him, and he said, “You hit it with the wrong foot.” We’re learning. That’s what I think the staff is about. He brings that quality of baseball to this team. We have a lot of young guys but we have older guys like me and we get to learn. I love learning new things and that’s what he brings to the table.

— Marlon