6/12 It’s not too late

First off, I’m at the three-week mark, so I get to start running today. I’ll be running around on the field Monday so I’m progressing just like I want to and healing. Week No. 3, start running; Week No. 4, ramp it up a little bit and more activities on the field. Week No. 5, go out for a rehab assignment. Right now, I’m on pace.

Today I started shagging a little bit harder to find out how my legs feel. I’ve been long tossing for a week now so my arm’s still there. The strength is still there. I’ve been in the weight room every single day. I’ll go in there three times during the game and I’m hitting during the game, too. I’ve been working hard. I have to make sure when I go on the rehab assignment, I’m not DH’ing. I want to go in center field and start running around and play nine innings. Everything’s going positive as far as my healing.

With the team, it’s been a tough road trip, tough teams. We haven’t played the way we wanted to play — everybody knows that. It seems like all aspects of the game aren’t there at the same time — pitching, hitting, defense, timely hitting. We have to figure out a way to get Oswalt today and go back home with a win under our belt. It’d be positive on the plane ride home. Hopefully, we’ll get some home cooking and try to straighten this thing out.

It’s not too late. I told some of the older guys if we can decrease this thing by six, seven games going into the All-Star break, and be five, six games out, we still have a chance. We’re not focusing on trying to get a 15-game winning streak but trying to win a series at a time. Hopefully, nobody takes off in the Central.

It seems like it doesn’t get easier. The Brewers are winning, they’re hot. They’re not playing at home, which is a good thing but that won’t make it any easier. Just the Yankees being the Yankees, they’re professionals, they’re expected to win and they’re going to come in and do their thing. We have to get our focus. We know we can play any team.

— Marlon


  1. Mary

    It’s awesome to hear how you are doing! We miss you, can’t wait to see you back on the field. Been worried about you…thoughts and prayers for you…and the rest of our team! Good times and hard times….always a Cub fan (born and raised that way).

  2. barry gladstone

    Marlon, glad to see you’re recuperating well, and we can’t wait to have you back in the lineup.

    But seriously.

    The way the team has been playing this year, last year, the year before, etc., you really still think this team has a chance? Really?

    No offense intended, but how hard did that ball hit you, man?

    • barrysadick

      get the hell out of here barry. go post your crap somewhere else
      Marlon – your the man and I couldnt be happier having you as one of the team leaders.
      Thanks for everything you’ve done for us and get healthy soon. We Need Ya!!!!

  3. tony palos

    HI Marlon, Glad to hear that you are getting stronger. I pray that you come back as fearless at the plate as always. I agree with you that if we can be 6 or seven out by the all-star break then we have a good shot at making it interesting. I’ll be 53 in July and have been a fan since the mid-60’s., when the seats were still affordable for kids. We would save and buy our own and take our bikes down. I’ve never boo’d a player or Cub team. . Boo’d… some fans for doing stupid things , however I still have faith in this year’s team, and have been to two games this year. The main difference today is that tickets are so expensive that it’s hard to justify spending that much money for a team that is so far out. I hope you guys stay hungry and make it interesting. I know injuries have plagued, but at today’s ticket prices…you’re either winners or yesterday’s news. A friend of mine has season tickets , and face value is $112.00 for the premium games this year, like the Yankees. At those prices the average person just can’t swing it in this economy. Winning certainly helps however. Get better, and God bless.
    P.S. From your writing I can tell your a good guy.

  4. Ben

    First let me say that I’m really glad you’re almost ready to come back. We need all the help we can get. But in reality, this team is not gonna make any playoffs, or even come close to being outta the cellar by the end of the season. Too many of they guys are over the hill and aren’t gonna perform as good as they did a few years ago. Just think about the last two years. And you’ll see how this team has dropped off in thier production. But like most lifelong Cub fans we still beleive that one day our time will come to celebrate. But not this year and not with this team. In all honesty you can ‘stick a fork in ’em, they’re done”! I doubt if they will even finish over the .500 mark at the end of the season.

  5. Brooke Mills

    Marlon, I am absolutely in love with your positivity! I always say there is a chance as long as you are not mathmatically out of it! I have to say that I was at the Reds Cubs game on June 6th, sitting right behind the dugout, and I loved watching you out there with all your energy and your smile during warm up. I feel as though when the team gets your positive attitude and hard work back, the heart will come back to the team that I love so much! Keep up the great progress and the hard work. Praying for your health!

  6. Ricardo Leroy Gilkes

    Its great to see you doing good. Thumps up.. I like the positive message. Winning series at a time is the best way to go. Can’t think of winning 15 games in a row in which it can happen but let us focus on winning each series and take it from there.

  7. Steve


  8. Jason

    I realize that you have to take it 1 series at a time, but to get the lead down to 5 by the allstar break, (assuming all other teams keep their current pace) the Cubs would have to go about 17-9 or 18-8 to finish the 1st half. While not impossible, that is awfully tough. Howver, I wish you the best in your recovery, and we need you back as soon as possible.

  9. Jim

    Its never over till it’s over we can get back in this so just remember that “A True Cub Fan Sees Diamonds When Everyone Else Sees Broken Glass” Go Cubs!!!

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  11. Cristy

    Hi Marlon. I’m glad you are doing better. I look forward to seeing patrolling centerfield again soon.

  12. Dylan

    Go dominate the NL Marlon and try to bring Chicago an NL Pennant. The reason I said pennant is ’cause I’m a Ranger fan(sorry) but get there.

  13. donna hawke

    i am glad to hear that you are starting to get back on your feet. i was sorry to hear about your injury. i was the mother that you signed the baseball on mothers day . that was my first time at weigley field and it was a wonderful mothers day. dlhawkern@hotmail.com

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