4/3 Game plan

We have an idea of what we want to do this year. We came out Opening Day and didn’t get the win like we wanted to. We played good baseball but didn’t come up with the win. We had a good approach. We expect to beat the Pirates. They’re a Major League Baseball team, a great team, but at the same time, us being the Cubs, we feel we should go out there and win a series against them. We come out in the second game, we’re down by three runs in the eighth inning, things aren’t looking good and the team showed its resilience.

I know a lot of people out there don’t believe in us but we believe in ourselves in this clubhouse and I think that’s a big thing. There are little things that happened yesterday. Blake struggled in Spring Training and he came out and got a big hit. Leadoff walk for Fukey, getting that done, then Starlin Castro being Starlin Castro, he’s one of those guys who is going to hit the ball all year long. I’m not comfortable up there but I was able to get the guy over, good things happened, I got that error. We just moved station to station and got those runs. We showed our resiliency, we showed we’re not going to give up all year long. It’s easy being three runs down in the eighth inning to any big league team and just shutting it down. It’s usually set-up man, closer, game over. Hopefully, that’s going to be the key to us all year long — regardless of what the score is, if we’re down, it doesn’t matter. Teams are going to fear us until that 27th out is made.

— Marlon


Cubs played that eighth inning as I expected. This year is going to be a GREAT year! So many exciting players and each contributing to the team. Good luck in today’s game and let’s put up another W! Love the CUBS!!!

Hahahaha, this is hialrious "If you thought you couldn't take the kids into a gay dance club on Easter morning, you were WRONG." I guess I was wrong! Too funny. Hope you have a great weekend, no matter if you decide to talk Old English or scramble up your eggs 🙂

Marlon, I love you man…but why did you swing at that first pitch?

Go Cubs! You rock, Byrdie.

The Organization needs more people like you Byrd.

I’ve been a Cub fan longer than most. You can guess why. I liked most of what I saw this weekend. Spirit, effort, fight, and smarts. I complained to a friend that Carlos Pena popped up a 3-0 pitch with a runner on first and nobody out, but I learned later that he missed the take sign. At least management knew what to do, but I don’t want to hear “missed sign” all season long either. You know, Alvarez hit that ground ball too softly for us to do anything with it, and, yes, Castro should have held the ball. Then Byrd hit his ground ball slightly too hard to beat out the DP and score the tying run.


Tough fought serires and the flashes are there. With the vets we have like you, Rami, Fonzi, Pena the young uns spread around and the vet staff I think we are built for a great year!

A long way to go and keep fighting!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to write about your feelings on what’s happening. In today’s key AB in the 9th, did you consider taking a pitch or two, or is Rudy really trying to get the position players to be aggressive, regardless of the situation?

I can certainly appreciate this, however, with A-Ram in the hole, I’m wondering if the same situation presents itself with one out again in the future, might you consider a different game plan?

Thanks a bunch, and I know you will start putting it together at the plate soon. It is terrific watching you give a 100% effort every game Marlon. Fans appreciate this tremendously.

hi Marlon,
We enjoy this Cubs team from what we have seen.a couplw tough losses but you guys enjoy each other its clear,and that leads to good baseball and fast rebounds. Youre helping develop a good team spririt.You’ll hit.You’re probably more worried than the fans. The media has done a great job with the personalities of this years Cubs.Reportes in Cchicago are honestbut tough . So if you get compliments its TRUE!Quade talks to the media and it helps the team..Also players talking is good and helps the players. .We wondering about how Garza would do. Man what wicked stuff he had he’s a real professional! Pittsburg has got Cubs number lately.Its like some ghosts were out there in the infield blowing the dribblers between the fielders. I posted that on cbssportsline.Cub fans may seem tough sometimes but we watch every pitch and know what every player has done last few times he did anything,good or bad.Thats the way Cub fans are.If you ever win a world series in Chicago the city would be shut down for 2 weeks! and chicago aint no small place. Good luck to you Marlon and thanks for being a leader on the team.Weve needed that or a while..And thanks for your blog. I live in Ft Lauderdale now and will be seeing you guys in middle of May when you come to Miami .

‘Cubs are gonna fight til 27 guys are out’ thats a great motto you come up with above..Post it in your clubhouse.


“Teams are going to fear us until that 27th out is made.” If we can get a consistent Marmol that is. He was a BEAST in game 2 and just didn’t look anywhere near the same Pitcher in game 3. It’d be nice if that was the only blown save of the Season.

ANyway, sorry for the bit of a rant. Thank you for the insight Marlon. We all look forward to your posts.



There are still plenty of us out there that believe! Keep up the great work, we look forward to a fantastic season! BTW, I LOVE your hustle out there and think you’ve been and will continue to be a huge asset to the Cubs organization.

Steve Bevans
Lafayette, IN

I was at the game yesterday, and noticed Marlon changed his stance and hand position from last year. The new changes are not allowing him to get his arms extended. He is all tied up. Plus he is not settles in the box, his feet were constantly moving. Somebody let him know so he can adjust soon and have a great year.

I believe in all of you. It was a tough weekend but there were lots of good things too. It just feels so different from the last two years – in a good way. I wish the best for you, the team and all all Cubs fans!

I think this team has a whole bunch of talent up and down the bench. The pitching staff is solid and has the potential to be electric from 1 through 5. The bullpen is going to be a strength all year long for this team. The position players have great talent and seemed to play hard and aggressive all spring long.

I like the attitude the team is carrying. They know that they are young with a great group of veteran leaders. I like how its full go from everyone.

I think the one thing this team needs is to slow down just a bit and think things through. It would eliminate some of the mental errors. It would eliminate some of the 0-2 counts. Take a first pitch every now and then. Eat the ball on a dribbler. Play with tenacity but play smart.

I sure hope Kosuke does better at leadoff than he did last year, or that management recognizes this time around he needs to be moved down in the order. Last year he hit .193/.313/.298 at leadoff as opposed to .353/.441/.612 batting 2nd. That’s a pretty big difference.

He hit .279/.376/.559 with RISP and .298/.393/.548 with Men On, but just .244/.359/.380 with no one on base. Given that he hits like Pujols with runners on base and much worse when they’re not, I have no idea why we didn’t just put Castro or someone else in at leadoff.

Nice to see him starting well this year but I will be keeping an eye on his splits between leadoff and other spots in the lineup, and hope Quade will also.

Baseball reference by the way shows the story of Kosuke’s stats, both for last year and on his career:



I think Kosuke could end up contributing a lot to the team and hope we’ll be using him to his full advantage. Last year we put him in at leadoff despite him slugging .300 points worse there. I still say lineup position could be key to maximizing his potential.

I believe in you and the Cubs, Marlon. I really like what I’ve seen so far. Pena has made some great defensive plays, Castro’s getting a lot of hits, Geo’s picking off base stealers, the pitching has been solid.

Good baseball, good fundamentals. These will keep you up in the standings and make you competitive come the pennant race. Keep up the good work and keep that positive attitude.

I have faith Marlon! been a fan since 89, i like what i seen this season, if Cash does what i know he can do tomorrow, our starting rotation is gonna be feared! (not to mention Woodie and Marmol in the 8th and 9th with a lead? i like them odds!) I believe we have a gritty team that can battle it out with the best in the NL

GO CUBS GO from your biggest Canadian fan!!!

It’s nice to see read about what a player is thinking. Being a life long Cubs fan and baseball player, I am very impressed with the Cubs resiliency. Any mlb baseball team who hopes to compete for the world series title needs to be a team that is resilient in many ways, not only coming from behind but also over coming key injurys that naturally happen of the course of a 162 game season. I give my congrats to Byrd and the Cubs for not only impressing me but also taking the first steps towards quietly making a run at the Central title!

Nice try on the dive today Marlon. We appreciate the effort. Go get the brewers this weekend!

Dear Mr. Byrd,
You really show a lot of hustle in the field and at bat. WELL DONE! That brand of baseball is EXACTLY WHAT is needed here in on the NorthSide. Sheer hustle is catching on with some of your fellow players, too. Don’t let anyone stop you, please. It’s worth it in the long run. You and I see that. And the hell with those that do not.
Word to the wise, Mr. Byrd:
play nice…..amongst the media, at least……it is worth it.
Don’t give the haters more than they can chew.
Paying attention to my fav team

Great win today.

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