2/24 Update on Jackson

You asked about Brett Jackson. I see him being ready very soon. He has to put together another good season this year and stay healthy — that’s the main thing — and keep learning. He has to keep learning. A lot of guys with his talent — I was the same way. You dominate in the Minor Leagues but you don’t learn how to get ready for the big leagues and you come up and struggle. That’s what I’ve been trying to get across to him is I don’t want him struggling when he comes up. I want him coming up and staying up for good. With his work ethic and his athletic ability, there’s no reason he won’t be the center fielder of the future.

— Marlon


  1. philipahoward2@gmail.com

    I’d just like to say that players like you, Marlon Byrd, really impress me. It’s not your job to help young guys like Jackson and certainly most players wouldn’t be too excited about a guy who wants to take over his job. There’s a reason all of us Cubs fans love Marlon Byrd, and that it only took one season to win us over. You play the game the right way. I really hope Jackson turns into an all-star outfielder, but I definitely don’t want to see you go after 2012.

    Good luck this season Marlon, I’m ready to see more of your patented diving catches and hustle all day style of baseball!

  2. Jntg4

    That’s awesome. I ask a question in a blog comment and a 2010 National League All-Star responds with a whole new blog post! That’s just awesome! Great character from Byrd, most pro athletes don’t even read questions, but I’ve been able to get responses from Byrd and Casey Coleman with questions now! Thanks for the response Byrd!

    BTW, is Reed Johnson starting his blog up again too?

  3. cubbiesfan98

    Hey Marlon,

    My name’s Nate and I live in Holland. I really like your blog and there’s a lot of other great Cubbie blogs. If you have some time, you should check them out. Here’s mine:


    And here’s some other great ones:


    If you have some time, these are all great reads.

    Have a great season and beat the Cardinals,
    There’s Always Next Year (Nate)

  4. Jntg4

    Nobody said you did… he was referring to the readers when he said “You”, I asked, lol.

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