4/10 Opening Day hello at Wrigley

Opening Day is exciting. I’m very excited about Monday’s game. We’re still focused on these two games in Cincinnati and trying to win this series. It was a heartbreaker last night but today’s a new day and we’ve got our ace on the mound and we’ll be fine.

Going into Opening Day, it’s going to be a little different for me because it’s my first time running out on Wrigley in Cubs pinstripes. I don’t care if it’s 10 degrees or 100 degrees, I’ll be out there and be ready.

My thing when I run out there? It’s going to be a feel after a while. We’ll see what the bleacher bums do — I’m sure they’ll be very receptive to me and vice versa. I’ll figure out my thing with them. I’ll say a little hello to the bullpen, like I did in Texas. I’ll have my whole skit lined up.

I always say hello to the bullpen. You need the bullpen to win. You say “what’s up” and give your high fives and everything to everyone in the dugout but you pay your respects to the bullpen because they close it out for us. I know they’re not close to center but I’ll find them.

— Marlon


  1. harmonimage@gmail.com

    You will love it here in Wrigley and Cubs fans already love having you here. Have a great season. You won’t believe Cubbie fans. I have been a Cubs fan fo 50+ years now and all I wanted as a child was to play baseball. You play it the way it should be played. WELCOME!

  2. everybodylovesthecubs

    Welcome to Wrigley Field. You seem like a great addition to the ballclub. Love the outfield hug, too.

  3. tortuguita5

    Welcome home Marlon!!! We are so happy to have you here! Saw you down in Spring Training and you were great!

  4. shawndgoldman

    Huh, the image tag didn’t seem to work. I’ll try again, but if it doesn’t you can click on the link in my last comment to see the chart. Anyways, good luck today… and be ready to jump all over Bush’s fastball!

  5. shawndgoldman

    … and jump over Davis’s fastball, too! It was Davis whose chart that was, not Bush.

    You can crush Bush’s fastball tomorrow.

  6. blasthoff

    Marlon, first let me say welcome! From what I’ve seen and learned I think you are an excellent fit to our team. I think you will also find Chicago to be an excellent fit for you as well.

    Hoping you can become a fixture with the Cubs.

    Wish you the Best,


  7. s

    i likee the cubbies even though im a hugeee phils phan. if the phillies couldnt win the world series i would want it to be the cubs. it would have been cool to still have you as a phillie, but the cubs are the next best thing. good luckk!!!!!


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