6/17 Back in the West

It’s different facing the West teams now and when I was with the Rangers. It’s different when you face a team 19 times because they figure you out, then you figure them out and it goes back and forth. It seems like they keep a steady rotation and you’re facing guys over and over again and you pick up on things as a hitter. It’s the same thing with the Angels and Mariners. It’s a division that keeps getting better and better. The AL East is the beast, they’ll always be No. 1. The Central with the Twins and Tigers will be tough. I believe a champion will come out of the West very soon. It looks like the Rangers are doing a good job and they’re not far behind the A’s with the young leadership over there. There’s guys like Mark Ellis, and I call Kurt Suzuki a veteran — it seems like he’s been around for 10 years. They’re just a tough team and it’s shown in the games we’ve played against them.

It’s different facing the West now since I’ve been facing National League pitching. In my mind, sometimes I have to get back to that American League style. For example, Gio Gonzalez has a great fastball but on 2-0, he threw me a changeup. I’ve been getting fastballs on 2-0. It’s a little different and you have to change your mindset. I’ll be happy when we finish these games and I get back to National League style.

— Marlon


  1. riverhawkcoach

    Bird!!!! We love having you as a Cub! I appreciate the way you play the game… all out full speed all the time. I always appreciate a major leaguer who runs hard to first all the time no matter what. I coach high school baseball and it is hard to instill this idea into my players’ heads because they see so many big leaguers who non-chalantly jog out a ground ball. Thanks for representing baseball (the best game in the world) the right way. I also enjoy watching your high flying act in the outfield. You’re like a vacuum out there sucking up everything with your glove. Keep it up and push the team for a late Oct. run.


  2. keithcub

    Hi Marlon!

    I love the interleague series thing. Our whole family is going to be up in Seattle cheering you guys on from the centerfield bleachers next week! After that some of us are going to head up to Vancouver BC to take in the sights and sounds. Talk about cool! Let me tell you something else about cool. My brother-in-law Andy was playing third and I was playing short on Sunday and the opposing team’s shortstop…who is a big, young guy…tells our pitcher (our father-in-law) to watch out because he’s going to hit it up the middle. Well, next pitch he dang near hits him in kneecap with this line drive. As the batter came into second I set him straight about hitting it up the middle…that’s the cool part. He acted like a punk, but I think he has a good heart somewhere deep down. I’ll bet that Starlin Castro is your first teammate to have a name that rhymes with yours, huh? Also, in your next post, could you give a shout out to my brother-in-law Andy? He’s a big fan (now). He’s playing through some pain in his knee so he could use a pick-me-up. Keep flying high, Byrdman.


  3. mimakriz@aol.com

    I am a long time Cubs Fan, watching as many games as I can on TV. Our family has tickets to all three games in Miami in Sept. You have made such a difference as a player and teammate. Thank you for the love of baseball you show every time you take the field. Thank you for the enthusiasm you pass on to your teammates. You are awesome Marlon Byrd. Thanks for all you do to make baseball and the Cubs all they should be.

  4. wolf76

    Marlon, You have delighted Cub fans from the first game. There was times that the only bright spot was your performance, as sandberg would say, you play the game the right way. I hope you finish your career with the Cubs. I have place my votes for you to make the Allstar squad. Let’s start are push to Post Season with today’s WIN!

  5. khollycubsfan

    hey byrd.
    you are a great player. we were excited to see you come to chicago. i wish you the best. keep playing hard, keep a positive mental attitude. you are a great player. shine baby, shine. khollysells@yahoo.com drop me a line… my family loves the cubs and the sox. lets all meet up in 2010 WS… you are doing well, keep it up, we need u

    GO CUBBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and thanks to greg for sticking around, he’s my hero

  6. cannibalschmidt


    I hope you get the chance to read some of these comments. Just wanted you to know we appreciate how you play the game. You’re the kind of player that everyone wants to have on their team. Glad you’re a Cub.

  7. dleerules


    I must say i haven’t followed your blog, but i think i’ll start. its nice to finally have a true CF that has speed and power, that’s actually producing consistenly (unlike corey patterson and felix pie). Here’s to hoping Hendry keeps you around for awhile.

  8. smack@mackorthodontics.com

    You are the man! I have been a Cubs fan for 35 plus years now and you are my favorite Cub because I love how you leave it all on the field with every game, ahead or behind, win or lose. No one out hustles you or out works you, and that’s all us fans ask for. You are a great role model for my 6 and 8 year old boys who are just now learning the game of baseball and I wanted to thank you for the way you play the game and let you know you are appreciated and it doesn’t go unnoticed!

  9. waybacksantofan


    I have been a Cub fan since 1965. I watched Ron Santo, Billy Williams and Ernie Banks play together. As great as they were, they could have used you in center. And lets see, maybe Andre Dawson in right. What a team that would be. Maybe we could have four outfielders or a designated hitter for this dream team because I sure would hate to lose Soriano.

    I hope you stay with the Cubs and become a Cub Icon like Ron, Billy and Ernie.

  10. shelbynewb@comcast.net

    Marlon we are sooo happy u are a cub. I hope you are a cub until you retire. You are my favorite player and i love watching you even if were winning or losing you always play a great game. You have such a positive attitude and Jim Hendry did a great job finding a player like you.

  11. hustlelikereed


    I’m just back in UK from a great weekend in Chicago – great because I was sat in Rightfield bleachers, enjoyed the sun (though getting drenched after friday wasn’t a highlight) and loved your pre-game ritual… though you are worthy!

    Also, great to see you getting Fonsi to loosen up a bit too. I’m not sure of your sign language in the outfield, but it certainly put a smile on his face each time – now please just infect your teamates with your smile and work ethic!

    Reed has a successor who truly hustle(s)likereed – I just hope you enjoy playing for us as much as he did.

    See you in a month for the Phillies/Astros weekend.

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